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    Radio Disney is coming back to Portland radio on KRSK-HD2.

    Radio Disney has cut a deal with Entercom to begin distributing the programing on HD in Portland and 8 other markets.



    If anyone knows when this will happen on KRSK-HD2 I’d like to know.



    Craig: Switched on Tuesday night, the 14th.

    Plus, the Delta Blues moved to 92.3 KGON HD2.



    I don’t know why the Mouse even bothers. Its target audience barely knows what AM radio is, I bet even fewer know what “HD” radio is. They can’t possibly be making any bread from it.

    But, whatever gets them through the night…

    (Is anybody here also going to be carrying the country feed?)



    Thanks Kent! Added to my master copy of “This Day In Portland Radio History.”



    nosignalallnoise wrote in part, “I don’t know why the Mouse even bothers. Its target audience barely knows what AM radio is, I bet even fewer know what “HD” radio is. They can’t possibly be making any bread from it.”

    Well, I’ve been listening for awhile tonight, and I have noticed that HD radio is being very heavily advertised on this station. I’m guessing that those same ads are playing on their online stream, so if any kids are listening to that, it won’t be long before they hear about HD radio. Perhaps the folks at Radio Disney hope the kids out there will influence their parents to get them an HD radio. Of course, other than car stereo receivers, there aren’t too many options left for them to buy out there right now, but maybe they are hoping this advertising trick will help the HD radio cause.



    I had long suspected that when Radio Disney started out in the late 1990s, its creators hoped that parents would put it on in the car as family friendly entertainment for their children and tweens. At least, “on paper,” the idea made sense in an era where the rest of the dial could be seen as being littered with garbage that parents wouldn’t want their children to hear, such as pop songs with references to adult themes or alcohol use, FM talk shock jocks, and angry political hosts.

    In reality, Radio Disney stations didn’t do so well in the ratings. Virtually all of them were AM. Was it that the parents didn’t want to listen to AM and instead chose oldies or soft AC (both of which tend to feature heavily sanitized playlists)? Or, was it that the tweens themselves insisted on listening to CHR stations and their own CDs while riding in the car over AM? Could Radio Disney do as well or better on HD Radio sub channels, given that this is a rather obscure technology?

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    It’s done through Ibiquity themselves. The 64 kbps AAC+ audio feed is over the Internet. They send the log directly to a WideOrbit workstation. The HD Radio promos are only filling space. Someday, Disney-approved spots will appear.

    My guess is that Ibiquity was searching for a well-known format to feature on HD2.



    I have KRTH (K-Earth) from Los Angeles on my TuneIn Radio app, along with their HD-2. Their HD-2 flipped to Radio Disney late last year. I think you’ll see RD on a lot of HD-2’s in the next few months. TuneIn is popular enough that they’ll use that route to get to the ears of their intended audience with the idea that if an analog to digital changeover takes place in radio in the next couple of decades, they’ll already be in place when that happens. OPB does the same thing on TV and TuneIn with KOPB-FM HD-2 (OPB Music) and KMHD. OPB Music and KMHD are on TuneIn and are SAP-1 and SAP-2 respectively on TV 10.4. Radio Shack sold a lot of HD Radio sets in its last years and going belly up meant that the HD Radio industry lost a significant ally in educating the public about it.



    HD signals go much further than do the 99 watt wonders we have around here. I can listen to KINK HD2 (KXTG) all around Salem when I am down there, whereas 102.9 only can be received in elevated locations.
    I hope that stations that use HD will start to advertise HD more. Entercom’s KFFX does advertise the fact that they are on 99.5 HD2, but there needs to be even more promotions.
    Remember when AM stations were promoting FM by giving out FM converters?
    I’m hoping someday KEX will be on 100.3 HD2 and KPOJ will be on 100.3 HD3.



    KEX was already on 100.3 HD2 and they let it go.

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