Racist gun targets sold at gun show

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    At a gun show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a vendor was selling one of the most racist shooting targets that has probably ever existed, and his reasoning behind selling the targets was just as unbelievably racist.

    The target (seen below) is of an African-American man in a running position, and the words above the man running read: “Official Runnin’ N***er Target.”

    When the vendor was questioned by local news KSFY as to why he was selling the targets on his table, this is how the conversation went down:

    KSFY: “Why are those on there?”

    Vendor: “Why aren’t they? They’re just targets.”

    KSFY: “Aren’t they offensive in nature?”

    Vendor: “To who? Are you a negro? You know, there’s some black people and then there’s some negroes.”

    What the vendor said next is actually what is most alarming:

    Vendor: “Sold 500 of ‘em this weekend, so what difference does it make?”


    Unbeleivable that in 2015 this kind of crap exists.

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