Race to the hypocritical apogee

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    Andy Brown

    As the misgivings, mistakes, miscalculations and medieval thinking of the drumpf administration dominate the news cycle, there are some outrageous real facts that are not good for the country nor drumpf himself.

    This includes 25 hours playing golf, exceeding only 21 hours spent on fucking up foreign relations, 13 hours tweeting, and only 6 hours on intelligence briefings.
    Yes, this is the same guy who criticized Obama for playing golf too much.

    Keeping the U.S. President safe and comfortable is never cheap, and over the course of four years of a Donald Trump administration, American taxpayers may find themselves left with an even heftier bill than usual.
    A recent investigation by the Washington Post estimates that since taking office, the President’s three trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida have already cost the federal treasury some $10 million. At this rate, the report says, travel and security for Trump and his family could run up a bill in the hundreds of millions of dollars by the end of his term.
    That’s not normal. Citing a conservative-leaning watchdog group called Judicial Watch, which monitored expenses during the administration of former President Barack Obama and plans to continue their work with the new White House, the Post said Obama’s extracurricular travel and safety expenses likely amounted to about $97 million over eight years in office.
    In the five weeks since his inauguration, the President has already spent three weekends at Mar-a-Lago, which he has begun referring to as the “Winter White House,” indicating that more is in store for the lavish private club situated on a beachfront property that was not designed with presidential security in mind. Some of the estimated $10 million spent on these three trips included paying for the Coast Guard to patrol the shoreline, according to the Post.
    Local officials in Palm Beach County, where the estate is located, also reportedly plan to ask Washington to reimburse their expenditures on extra security and traffic management, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars so far. The county has already spent about $60,000 a day in overtime police payments, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told the Post.
    In New York, where First Lady Melania Trump has chosen to live with the couple’s school-aged son, the city pays roughly $500,000 each day to secure Trump Tower. This estimate, provided by police officials, could end up totaling about $183 million per year. Security for Trump’s extended family is also expected to run up a hefty tab.

    What has drumpf accomplished, exactly, so far? Has he signed any legislation? No. None. Has he worked with GOP leaders on the legislation he’s going to need to actually implement the changes he promised his constituency of losers, idiots and racist homophobes? Precious little. Clearly not enough to actually have a bill or two or three being discussed in committee.

    Yes indeed, the soon to fail drumpf presidency hasn’t really done anything positive. Negative? Lots. Read this:


    By any measure, metric or review you will find that the drumpf presidency has already become, in the short order of one month, the most expensive do nothing administration in the history of the U.S.


    But, when are the high paying jobs coming back to the welfare whites?

    Hint: They aren’t coming back, and it will only get worse for the welfare whites under Trump. He’s taking away your healthcare, won’t raise your wages, and will continue the transfer of wealth from the average person to the billionaire.

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