Quit Picking on Sean

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    Looks like Slantity is a bit thin-skinned:

    Sean Hannity has ALL-CAPS Twitter meltdown after being named ‘worst’ Fox News host
    “…Responding to a Mediate reporter who tweeted the results, Hannity wrote: “Lets do the BEST OF MEDIAITE CONCHA. ALL THE REST OF U MEDIAMATTERS WANNABEES SUCK IMHO . #badge of honor””



    I saw this gon by on my own feed. Hilarious!

    Hannity is a serious alpha douche and looks like he haz a mad now. Poor Hannity.

    All he has to do is ask for help too. He won’t, of course, but he could.

    His talent on air is great! Like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and others, he knows how to work the medium.

    Everybody likes that.

    But, working it against bot reality and the basic interests of most ordinary people does have downsides.

    This is one of them.

    Sean baby, gets paid well, so he can suck it up and deal as the worst money can buy.

    I’m sure he really doesn’t mind down deep.


    Hell, no, he doesn’t mind. Someone noticed, and it gives him a chance to whine to his lemmings. It’s the best of all possible worlds.



    Right to the nuts!

    Insannity deserves everything he gets!


    The Conservative Culture of Victimhood can be sustained only if conservatives regularly cast themselves as victims. He’s just doing yeoman’s work for his Fox overlords. Twitter away, Sean!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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