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    PDX has a lot going on in software, small manufacturing, startups and media.


    Some of these programs have been quite good.

    “news” and “current event” segments have a manufacturing focus, and in particular manufacturing in the USA focus, which is close to my heart.

    The show I linked is about 3D printing and it’s relevance to economic growth in the USA.


    I don’t mean to hijack your thread missing, but speaking of AM’s, I was driving back from Seattle to the Tri-Cities yesterday and found a very odd am in the vicinity of Yakima, 1420 or 1460. Oldies, but with no ID’s, just song after song without any imaging or calls. But the really odd thing is about every 3rd or 4th song was completely obscure, a non-charting oldie. The only one I could even recognize was something that apparently was called “Star Trekking”, obviously a novelty record. Sounds like someone is just “playing radio” here. Anyone know who this could be?


    KUJ 1420 Walla Walla is currently News/Talk and KUTI has apparently moved to 1460 as Sports. Perhaps, it’s a pirate blocking KUJ.

    Andy Brown

    No calls for how long? The frequency wouldn’t be the best for a pirate in that area.

    1420 KUJ Mexican Walla Walla

    1460 KUTI Yakima ESPN Sports

    Maybe you were out of range of KUJ (only 900 watts at night barely reaching Tri-Cities) and picking up KITI oldies from Centralia-Chehalis. They are 5,000 watts with a minor lobe due east towards Tri Cities and you might have heard some skip.



    Couple of questions:

    1. What time did you hear the station?
    2. If you were driving at the time how many miles did you cover while the station was tuned in?

    Bonus question… did you hear anybody say “Yaaaaaar!” ?

    Update 12:35; While KITI is a good possibility based on the frequency, patten and “oldies” music, after listening for a half hour or so, I heard the call letters several times and plenty of KITI jingles… so it doesn’t appear to meet the description. I heard one or two tunes that I did not recognize, but this is a bit out of my usual genre. They stream, so take a listen:


    Wow! The last (and only) time that I heard “Star Trekkin'” was on The Dr. Demento Show circa 1988. This sounds like a fun station.


    Yeah, Star Trekkin is a strange, bizarre song! I don’t think I have heard that for decades either. It actually is kind of catchy!

    I can’t remember what the exact frequency was just something between 1400 and 1500 AM. I was south of Yakima heading into Sunnyside and listened for about 40 minutes with no talk whatsoever.

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