Put an Atheist on the Supreme Court

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    I suspect there’s any number of prominent politicians of both major political parties, including members of the judiciary up to and including members of The Supreme Court, that are atheists in all but name. In other words, they don’t believe a thing they say about the matter. It’s just politically expedite; even (sadly) politically necessary to give some lip service to the idea.

    As The U.S. Constitution clearly outlines both a separation of church and state as well as prohibiting any kind of religious test, the matter should be completely irrelevant. Only the truly and tragically dim (Hi Broadway!) could possibly believe that being a kind and moral person has anything at all to do with organized religion and/or belief in a supernatural entity.

    Sidebar: How truly idiotic is that when you see it typed out like that or spend a moment thinking about it critically? I mean, really, electorate of the United States? You require political figures to profess belief in something that, at best, is a completely unknowable abstract or at worse is simply an imaginary friend manifested via social conditioning and at odds with the level of critical thinking one would expect from a fourth grader? That’s the litmus test for good governance? What’s next, sacrificing a goat to ward of the next financial crisis?

    However, as a matter of political optics it’s a hurdle (openly professing atheism or even agnosticism) no politician would see any positive upside in highlighting. There’s always some holier than thou troll running to the right of your flank that would utilize that differentiation to appeal to the lowest common denominator in an effort to secure votes. Ergo, everyone in political office is to a greater or lesser extent likely lying about their religious predilections.

    Generally speaking Democrats know (and forgive) that particular trespass; if you’ll forgive the religious parlance for a moment. Three prominent examples: (keeping in mind we have no way of truly/truly knowing their most private and true thoughts on the matter. We only have their public statements and public actions to form an impression and opinion.)

    • President Obama: I suspect he believes in the idea of God in the abstract. He appears to be basically a kind and loving person with both great intelligence and great empathy. At the same time, as someone of intellect he would never allow his religious belief system to impact the performance of his duties as The President of the United States. One, doing so would be completely at odds with the U.S. Constitution. And two, he’s too bright and too responsible to even consider such reckless behavior. It’s arrogant presumption.
    • Vice President Biden: I suspect Joe Biden believes in God for more than as an abstract. By all accounts he’s a deeply religious man who has had deep ties to his Catholic faith for his entire life. He’s quite open about that faith. But, just like President Obama, that personal religious faith stops at the door to his governmental office. Or rather, his faith is who he is and as such it goes with him wherever he is/whatever he is doing, but he would never allow personal religious convictions to impact his role as an elected government official. It would be immoral.
    • Hillary Clinton: I suspect Hillary is completely agnostic if not a closet atheist. She’s very intelligent, very well educated, pragmatic to a fault, and if her secret thoughts could be known I’d bet money her Republican detractors would be both delighted to be “right”, (She doesn’t believe in our superstitious idiocy! We knew it!) and outraged. (She doesn’t believe in our superstitious idiocy! Burn her! She’s a witch!) Of course, she actually has a long private and public record that would seem to indicate she’s basically just a good, and flawed, individual just like the rest of us.

    Contrast that with many of the truly nasty (and dumb) fuckers of the GOP who wear their “Christianity” on their sleeve, are metaphorically at war with basically anyone who is different or believes something different, and would love to utilize elected office to legislate their own narrow and twisted version of faith into a governmental mandate. Something that’s both directly at odds with The U.S. Constitution, not to mention basically “wrong” by any objective measure of basic human decency. It’s the American Taliban, baby. #Run

    We’d all be better off with religion being put back into the box the founders intended it be put into. You know, a private thing. Where you’re free to believe in whatever wacky shit you want to, as long as you are not harming anyone else nor forcing anyone else to adhere to said wacky shit. Churches should be taxed and religious institutions should be completely banned from participating in the political process in any form, for any candidate, of any party. If I wanted to live in fucking Iran I would move there, church people.

    In God we Trust. God Bless The United States of America.

    God, how I hate that crap. LOL. If there is a divine personage kicking around the cosmos, I strongly suspect they would have nothing what-so-ever to do with jingoism or nationalism; much less choosing to exalt one group of people or one nation state over another. How small, how petty, how narrow, how exclusionary… how dumb do you have to be to actually believe that?

    Generally speaking people are SO stupid. It’s just amazing. And not in a good way amazing.


    People like Broadway are just making sure that God’s will is exercised for the benefit of society.


    Me? I think religion should be kept out of politics and supreme Court decisions, period!!


    Latest (and probably last) edition of “Judge Scalia!”


    There are news reports that Sandoval has taken himself out of the running.


    If that’s true, McConnell has egg on his face already (assuming he’s wiped off the other dozen or so ).

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