Put an Atheist on the Supreme Court

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    Thank you for the response. Yes. People like that lay guilt trips and fear in vulnerable people. Even vulnerable white people, whether male or female can be subjected to mind games and guilt trips, which can cause anxiety, pain, and suffering.

    Now know where you coming from. Glad you stand up for those who are less fortunate!


    One big problem with a Justice like Scalia is he quoted what he felt the founding fathers from the 1700’s would do in that era, but as with any court, they have to move into the 21st Century, not live in the past where we had slavery, women had no rights, etc. Who says our founding fathers were correct? They were human as we all are.


    From Newt Gingrich’s web site…
    Justice Antonin Scalia proved beyond doubt that those who believe in the Constitution are no fools—and that when his opponents regarded the Founders’ wisdom as stupidity, they did so at their own peril. Time and again, he bested them in his arguments from the bench and in his written opinions, even—perhaps especially—when writing in dissent. For 29 years, Antonin Scalia showed us how to defend freedom. Again and again, he reminded us of the wisdom of the Constitution—its deference to the people, its system of checks and balances. He will be greatly missed. http://bit.ly/1Qrh8pe


    “Scalia’s Only “Originalism” Was in Cloaking Right-Wing Extremism in Legal Jabberwocky”



    Judge Scalia!  Originalist!



    Biden in 1992: Pres. Bush Should ‘Not Name a Nominee Until After the November Election’


    This only matters if Biden has taken a recent public position in opposition to his 1992 position.

    Has he done that? Can you cite that source?

    And what power does he yield that might be affected by his position on this topic, short of his tiebreaking vote in the Senate?


    The breadth of your stunted intellectual prowess and unending hypocrisy continues to impress, Broadway.

    Why not just come out and say, “I would prefer President Obama not nominate a Supreme Court justice, and that should he do so I would then prefer the Senate fails to either consider or confirm the nominee, as I have hopes a potential Republican president in 2017 would nominate someone more in line with my ideological predilections”?

    It’s a position that’s nakedly partisan and inarguably not in the best interests of either the judiciary or the people of The United States, but as least you would be honest about it annd about being an ignorant hack. So why not state such a thing clearly? The answer of course is quite simple. Per the usual, you’re being a complete tool.

    I could care less what Joe Biden, Newt Gingrich, you, or anyone else opines about the situation. They’re opinions; and in almost every case they are opinions that are entirely determined by dishonest political maneuvering and political opportunity. And they’re all demonstrably incorrect. As such, I would not support such a contention regardless of whom put it forth and regardless of whom is currently occupying The White House.

    As a matter of Constitutional law the matter is clear. President Obama has a Constitutional right and responsibility to nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia. Should the Senate then choose to abrogate their Constitutional responsibilities for political purposes, something that’s almost entirely without precedent despite what your right wing “news” sources continue to bleat about, then that’s another matter entirely.

    There’s no real grey area, here. It’s pretty black and white and outlined in the document the far right claims to hold in high regard. So there’s that.

    On a semi unrelated matter, though as you brought it up and I therefore consider it fair game, if you are “Christian” than you’re the living embodiment of why so many millions of Americans (myself included) want nothing what-so-ever to do with organized religion or you and your ilk in secular life and would prefer you continue to blow hot air at each other in a church where you can do limited harm.

    You’re the American Taliban. Willfully ignorant, utterly stupid, incapable of critical or objective reasoning, anti-science, narrow minded, bigoted, racist, ideologically hidebound, and unfailingly (and laughably) self-righteous and holier than thou. In many ways you folks scare me far more than the boogeyman of “Islamic terrorists” do. Think about that for a moment. If you had any introspective capability at all you’d have the good sense to be ashamed and embarrassed.

    Oh, and you help the homeless. I’m so glad you brought that up for the dozenth time. Wow, you’re a fucking miracle. Quite impressive there, Saint Margaret of Cortona. No-one else does anything for anyone! Gosh, we sure are lucky we have you “Christian” folk here to help everyone out!

    You hold opinion based/factually unsupportable viewpoints that are utterly noxious to millions, are a judgmental dweeb of Herculean (if you’ll pardon the turn to pagan mythological for a moment) proportions, support political candidates whose policies are in many cases the absolute opposite of what Jesus of Nazareth would advocate for and in many cases actually help to propagate the very ills you claim to want to combat, but by donating a bit of your free time to helping “the homeless” you’ve proven yourself to be a moral paragon of some sort?

    I’m sure many people on this board do any number of things for various charitable organizations. They also have the class not to crow about it on a message board in the foolish belief this would in some way inoculate them from criticism.

    To wit, you are a fucking hair ball.


    “You’re the American Taliban. Willfully ignorant, utterly stupid, incapable of critical or objective reasoning, anti-science, narrow minded, bigoted, racist, ideologically hidebound, and unfailingly (and laughably) self-righteous and holier than thou.”



    Wow! LG! You never fail to amaze and educate! Thanx!


    I don’t know about the whole point system. Or if anyone gets anything for it. But LG gets + 10 from me!


    Thank you, kindly.

    Broadway will once again slink off until the next time he blurbs out something bigoted, disgusting, tone-deaf, ill-informed, and/or abjectly moronic. While also no doubt waiting for the next chance to bring up his oh-so -amazing work with the homeless.

    However, he has been told.

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    I support the idea of an atheist on the Supreme Court, but it won’t happen any time soon, for the reasons demonstrated on this thread.


    Could have happened already.

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