Promises made but not delivered

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    Large trade deficits are not inherently bad for the economy, but President Trump campaigned heavily in 2016 on reducing the size of the trade deficit. He said trade deals with Canada and Mexico and an initial deal with China would rein in the deficits.

    The data showed the goods deficit with Mexico hit a record high in July, reaching $10.6 billion, while the goods deficit with China rose 11.5 percent to $31.6 billion.


    He’ll blame the deficits on Covid-19 and Deep State or Jina and in the same breath call it a hoax. Then off for a round of golf.

    To be honest, I have zero problem with a president going golfing once in a while. Everyone needs a break from hard work. The problem with Dear Dotard is he needs golf breaks to get away from publicly lying, trashing everyone, and most everything except actual presidential work. But usually he continues that “work” no matter where he is.


    Hard work? Ha.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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