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    Progressive Democrats are proving once again how they can’t pull together and pass GD legislation.

    Democrats control the trifecta yet can’t do shit. Republicans on the other hand cram through tax breaks and a right wing zealot to Scotus a month before the election all on their own when they are in power.


    Dems need to get their act together. The infighting could very well lead to them losing the House. Which would probably eventually result in a Republican White House returning in 2024.


    To be fair, Republicans have not had such incredibly thin margins in Congress for twenty years (in 2001, when Bush started his first term, Republicans had pretty much exactly the same margins Democrats have now, until Jim Jeffords gave Republicans the finger and left the caucus in May 2001, giving Democrats control of the Senate.

    Bush and the Republicans didn’t get much done in Congress before 9/11 either – when everything changed, obviously. Bush got his big tax cut bill through using reconciliation. What Biden and the Democrats are trying to pass now is exponentially more complicated, with two bills, one a bipartisan bill, one an expensive reconciliation bill.

    Republicans did not get a whole lot more done during Trump’s first two years while they controlled Congress, with more comfortable margins than Democrats have now. They got another big tax cut – pretty easy for Republicans to agree on. They were unable to repeal Obamacare.

    Democrats now have a margin of exactly eight seats in the House (220 to 212) …which means they can lose only three Democrats to pass any bill. And some of those Democrats are from purple districts, not exactly liberal Democrats. And we all know how tight the 50-50 Senate is. Democrats are fairly diverse – they are not all liberals obviously.

    I said at the beginning of Biden’s term that they were very lucky to have the Senate at all, and we should be grateful for the American Rescue Plan plus the ability to approve judges with only 50 votes. If Democrats get nothing else, they will be far ahead of where they would have been with Mitch McConnell as majority leader. I’m sure they’ll pass something through reconciliation, but perhaps not nearly as ambitious as had been hoped.


    I missed the Spain part but it doesn’t change my opinion. Much.

    Master of Disaster

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the entire legislative branch of the US Government is hellbent on the USA defaulting on its obligations at the risk no longer being a world power, all for manufactured crisis reasons?

    Deane Johnson

    To reduce the issue to it’s simplist form, the whole thing right now is all about keeping Biden’s huge socialist agenda from going anywhere.

    The rest of it is all part of the noise and confusion generated to put the brakes on the above.


    The “socialist agenda(as you put it)is to be paid entirely by the rich!

    Deane Johnson

    And when the rich run out of money, they can come to you, right? Sounds like a plan!


    Bah-Dah-Boom! do the math…ad up 90% of all wealthy people make…will never be enough to cover the libs bills…not the right way to go imho—


    The wealthy have received repeated tax cuts over the last 20 years with only temporary increases during the Obama years. They can clearly pay much more in taxes like they used to and still be rich. So what if they have to give up one of their private jets or have vacation homes on one fewer continent? Maybe they’ll have to dismiss a few of the servants?

    We should raise taxes on the wealthy (again) whether we spend another nickel or not.

    I’d like to see the middle class pay more in taxes too – again, like they used to – but in today’s political climate, that’s impossible. Biden has already promised not to raise taxes on the non-wealthy. So we’ll either have to borrow more or settle for less.

    I do think some of the $3.5T in the reconciliation bill ought to be cut back, even though I would agree with most of it. Can’t have everything you want, especially if there isn’t enough money to pay for all of it.

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