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    It’s time to consider what Mike Pence would be like as President. This from CNBC:



    The last line of the article is the most interesting. Why did Pence want to support Trump during the campaign? Perhaps he knew something we all knew, Trump’s errors would eventually make him President. But this has Gerald Ford written all over it, IMO.



    Pence has been historically on the wrong side of just about anything he weighs in on.

    Should he become president, he would be severely hindered.


    Andy Brown

    Pence is going to be sucked down the tubes with drumpf. Pence is part of the cover up.

    It will be President Ryan. None of the excuses that Vice President Mike Pence is giving for his lack of knowledge about the Russia scandal make sense. As the head of Trump’s transition, Vice President Pence is not clean and will go down with Trump for the events that happened during the 2016 election.

    The theory of Pence as innocent victim lacks credibility because he has a history of lying that extends from his candidacy to his tenure as vice president. None of these lies can be blamed on anyone else’s deception. A PolitiFact comparison of vice presidential candidates during the 2016 campaign rated 42 percent of Pence’s statements as mostly false or false, compared to 23 percent for Democratic candidate Tim Kaine.

    Rachel Maddow Explains How Mike Pence Is Going To Go Down With Trump For Russia Scandal



    Pence would be hindered because, even if the Democrats don’t take control of at least the Senate (at this point, I believe they will), their majority in the House will be razor-thin. Trump is really a giant poison pill for the GOP Midterm hopes, and while Pence is much more conservative than Trump, he’ll be on a very short leash.

    That said, Pence is at lease presidential in actions. He’s not a street-corner preacher with ego issues, and the thinnest skin alive.



    Mueller will cast a wide net. Who in the administration,including Pence, are complicit? Some Republcan members of Congress will also experience sleepless nights.


    Andy Brown

    Pence has a lot of issues that will throttle his presidency if it comes to that, which it probably will now that it’s becoming more and more likely drumpf is damaged beyond repair. If he gets caught up in the drumpf implosion. President Ryan is a complete possibility. It doesn’t really matter since the Republicans are so heavily damaged by the drumpf fiasco.

    NBC Just Implicated Mike Pence In The Flynn-Russia Cover-Up



    In Protest, Students Walk Out On Mike Pence’s Notre Dame Commencement Speech


    Unlike the students who walked out, Pence was classy in the face of their political stunt.



    Pence was simply preaching that Notre Dame “practices and promotes free speech”. The students were practicing theirs by walking out.

    They didn’t say anything, they didn’t cause a ruckus, they peacefully got up and walked out.

    Sorry that’s not “classy” enough for you.



    It’s always interesting as to how 1st Amendment rights only apply to right-wingers.



    Oh, look. It’s the same inane fallacies Pope LHC (liar, hypocrite, and coward) trots out regularly in lieu of anything resembling critical thought prior to metaphorically (or who knows, perhaps literally) diving back into the sewer so as to avoid having to support his reliably lunatic contentions.

    I.e. protesting a “conservative” is somehow antithetical to the concept of free speech. And the related favorite, protest and repudiation of reprehensible viewpoints betrays a lack of “tolerance”.

    Re: the former, students (or anyone) exercising their 1st Amendment rights in protest is what our nation is supposed to stand for, you boob. Quietly walking out of Pence’s speech was the definition of class. Despite your Dear Leader’s wishes to the contrary, he’s not yet a dictator and we are not yet subject to his authoritarian whims.

    As for the latter point, no-one has to, and in my opinion no one’s *should*, tolerate sexism and misogyny, racism, xenophobia, or any of the other objectively ugly viewpoints espoused by religious fundamentalist kooks and virtually everyone in Trump’s train wreck of an administration. One that’s under criminal investigation, let us not forget.

    Mike Pence identifies himself, loudly and creepily, as “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican in that order” at any given opportunity. He should try putting “an American” into that diatribe; preferably at the very top as he’s supposed to be a+ representative of a secular government and not the pastor of a religious sect.

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