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    This was an establishment referendum election.

    Dems didn’t really understand that. Our process for selecting nominees needs to be improved.

    But, here we are.

    I’ll be around later, maybe tomorrow.

    Night peeps. We should have ran Bernie.


    #CalExit is trending on Twitter. The whole West Coast needs to succeed.


    Earlier tonight, I heard that as Trump’s likelihood of winning was increasing, the value of the Mexican Peso and US securities markets were declining. I am wondering how far things will go before we hit bottom.

    I had been seeing this election as a plebiscite, but I think that I might have arrived at that conclusion in a slightly different way. I saw only one candidate who had experience working in the federal government. The other candidate brought no governmental experience whatsoever (and some of this candidate’s supporters saw that as a strength). A third candidate brought state government experience but no experience with national/international politics.


    The mistake the Democrats made was in the coronation of Hillary. They didn’t let a fair process play out. There was a huge desire among the Democratic rank-and-file to nominate their own Trump, but the DNC suppressed that.

    Joe Biden would have been a very formidable opponent to Trump and might have won. There might have been some others, but Hillary was the rightful heir to the throne…


    I think Bernie would have done better – Hillary has obvious trust issues (as does Trump), and the American people chose to carry Trump’s bags instead of Hillary.

    Bernie is brutally honest and squeaky clean. Trump’s one point of leverage on Hillary would have been stripped away.

    I would like to say congratulations to F&B, Dork, Herb, etc. Like most everyone else in here, I didn’t see this coming, and to be honest I am scared shitless right now about the next few years, but it is what it is, and we got the President-Elect that we deserve.

    It still stuns me that, in 2016, we would vote for such a blatant racist, bigoted, misogynistic, reprehensible skinflint. But, the people have spoken, and I do respect that, and the process.


    On the upside, North Korea, and Iran are all but nuked. Oh wait, that’s a downside. I’m not sure since the mob spoke at the polls today.

    I thought perhaps Turnip will have a major stumble and have to resign, but that’ll bring in Pence.

    Still a chance he’ll take off that orange mask and say ‘just kidding, I’m still a Democrat!’


    Sleep, the problem is that we could end up “nuked”.

    I have seen absolutely zero, zilch, nada, nothing from Trump to suggest that he has any desire or capability for diplomacy. He has made a career of screwing the “little guy”, in fact forcing multiple contractors and businesses into bankruptcy, because he doesn’t pay in earnest for services rendered. He has made it clear that he wants us out of NATO, and that he has a seemingly endless hard-on for Putin and how Russia does things.

    I sure as hell hope I’m wrong, for the sake of not only the United States, but the entire planet.

    Dan Packard

    Donald Trump’s Revolt

    NY Times Editorial, NOV. 9, 2016

    President Donald Trump. Three words that were
    unthinkable to tens of millions of Americans — and
    much of the rest of the world — have now become
    the future of the United States.

    Having confounded Republican elites in the
    primaries, Mr. Trump did the same to the Democrats
    in the general election, repeating the judo move
    of turning the weight of a complacent establishment against it. His victory is a humbling blow to the news media, the pollsters and the Clinton-dominated Democratic leadership.

    The candidates appeared neck-in-neck in the
    popular vote, but Mr. Trump bested Hillary Clinton
    in the Electoral College.

    So who is the man who will be the 45th president?

    After a year and a half of erratic tweets and
    rambling speeches, we can’t be certain. We don’t
    know how Mr. Trump would carry out basic functions
    of the executive. We don’t know what financial
    conflicts he might have, since he never released
    his tax returns, breaking with 40 years of
    tradition in both parties. We don’t know if he has
    the capacity to focus on any issue and arrive at a
    rational conclusion. We don’t know if he has any
    idea what it means to control the largest nuclear
    arsenal in the world.

    Here is what we do know: We know Mr. Trump is the
    most unprepared president-elect in modern history.
    We know that by words and actions, he has shown
    himself to be temperamentally unfit to lead a
    diverse nation of 320 million people. We know he
    has threatened to prosecute and jail his political
    opponents, and he has said he would curtail the
    freedom of the press. We know he lies without

    He has said he intends to cut taxes for the
    wealthy and to withdraw the health care protection
    of the Affordable Care Act from tens of millions
    of Americans. He has insulted women and threatened
    Muslims and immigrants, and he has recruited as
    his allies a dark combination of racists, white
    supremacists and anti-Semites. Given the
    importance of the alt-right to Mr. Trump’s rise,
    it is perhaps time to drop the “alt.” David Duke
    celebrated Mr. Trump’s victory on Tuesday night,
    tweeting, “It’s time to TAKE AMERICA BACK!!!”

    When Mr. Trump has looked beyond our borders, he
    has said that he would tear up the agreement to
    prevent Iran from building nuclear arms and that
    he would do away with the North American Free
    Trade Agreement. He has said that he would
    repudiate last December’s Paris agreement on
    climate change, thereby abandoning America’s
    leadership role in addressing the biggest
    long-term threat to humanity. He has also
    threatened to abandon NATO allies and start a
    trade war with China.

    We know that, with Republicans controlling both
    houses of Congress, Mr. Trump would be able to
    restore a right-wing majority by filling the
    Supreme Court seat that Republican senators have
    held hostage for nine months.

    Republicans will soon control every branch of the
    federal government, in addition to a majority of
    governorships and statehouses. There is no obvious
    check on Mr. Trump’s vengeful impulses. Other
    Republican leaders, including his running mate,
    Mike Pence, have largely made excuses for his most
    extreme behavior.

    By challenging every norm of American politics,
    Mr. Trump upended first the Republican Party and
    now the Democratic Party, which attempted a
    Clinton restoration at a moment when the nation
    was impatient to escape the status quo. Misogyny
    and racism played their part in his rise, but so
    did a fierce and even heedless desire for change.

    That change has now placed the United States on a

    Dan Packard

    And in the spirit of presenting a contrasting opinion

    From Arthur Taylor, Hyde Park, UT

    The Times has proven itself to be arrogant beyond belief with this editorial. You mock over half the nation. You belittle our hopes and dreams and expect us to accept your elitist rule without complaint. As a newspaper you are utterly deaf to the realities that lie outside your fair city. Despicable, the lot of you.

    I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to watch Hillary’s defeat. Rarely have I ever taken joy in another’s failure, but in this instance – and in conjunction with your own – it was joyous.

    In spite of your wailing, today the people have a leader who is free from the taint of corruption and is working on behalf of everyday Americans to rebuild what the globalists, the one percenters, the establishment and all their minions have transferred away from us. Today, the bait and switch is over.

    Thank you Matt Drudge. Thank you Julian Assange. And thank you Donald Trump. Your bravery is beyond compare.


    Dan: THANK YOU for posting those! Two interesting perspectives in deed!

    Charlie Busch

    It is obvious we are capable of overlooking personal ethical and moral values for the sake of change. So be it. We go with the majority. Personally, I always felt the Bern. It is academic at this point. I may reside in California (we passed recreational pot…..Yeah), but I will always be an Oregonian. I miss you. I also got elected to the local Healthcare District B.O.D. in Kern County. (Yeah Pt. 2)
    I’m going back to figuring out the presidential hairdo. It continues to be a mystery. Another sure thing, the next four years are going to be “comic rich”.


    I suggest a national day of prayer where we can all pray that Trump shapes up before his inauguration.


    Waiting to see which Trump will make it to the White House. The seemingly sane one of the years gone by where he talked of the economy doing better under democrat rule and Hillary being a successful secretary of state and would make a good president or the angry, racist, xenophobe of the campaign. He’s got a tough road ahead because if he doesn’t live up to his angry rants along the campaign trail there’s gonna be some disenchanted white rural American males in the country.


    We realize that as President Obama leaves, orange is the new black.


    I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you, at how wrong you all were/are.

    The good news is that corrupt machine politics took a good hit last night.

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