Portland woman shoots and kills home intruder

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    Now this story really hits home for me, I live very close to 118th place. Pretty scary stuff. You never think that someone will break into your house until it actually happens. Im scared to think of what could have happened if this woman wasn’t armed.


    About time a gun was used in self defense. After all those mass murders, suicides, toddlers shooting parents and chiefs shooting their friends asses, a job well done by a gun.

    This calls for a celebration. Maybe hand out free guns to anyone who can hit a large picture of Ass from 8 feet away!


    The statistically amazing thing is that she didn’t shoot either of her kids.


    In 2011 there were 591 accidental shooting deaths in the US. To put that in some perspective, there are almost 4,000 drowning deaths and about 30,000 vehicle deaths per year. (US)

    One third of Americans own guns.

    We should do everything we can to own guns responsibly, but a good case can be made that gun ownership is relatively safe. And since so many people own guns, I think it’s reasonable to speculate that would-be crooks know that and behave accordingly, and we are all safer because private citizens own guns.


    Un-named woman brings children home at 2:00 AM and shoots mentally ill man. There is more to this story.


    Bacon, your gun is much more likely to kill or injure someone in your own family than to kill an intruder. Statistically, that discharged gun had a higher likelihood of killing one of her kids.

    And comparing raw traffic and drowning deaths to accidental gun deaths is ridiculous unless correlated to the number of people in cars in a year, or the number of people in or near water in a year, to the number of people in the vicinity of a gun in a year.

    For example, four people died from bubonic plague in the USA in 2015, while 20 people were killed by horses. Based on your logic, the bubonic plague is five times safer than a horse.


    The fact is there are many times more drowning deaths than unintentional firearm deaths. Should we make posts every time there is one and call for no more swimming in rivers and swimming pools? It seems to be a risk people will take in order to enjoy the water.

    The fact is that children are more likely to die by drowning than by a firearm in the house.

    That doesn’t excuse irresponsible use of firearms. But what is more remarkable is how few accidents there are compared to number of gun owners.

    The point about our society being safer is that would-be crooks know there could be a gun behind the door and that acts as a deterrent.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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