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    Andy Brown

    Radio revenues in 2015 were down 1% from 2014. 2016 revenues may be dipping down even further. Nothing moves simulcasting decisions quicker then plunging income.


    I don’t think so. Rest of the day conservative talk as usual. I’d love to see the sport go from 750 to 970 and have 750 all news, but that’s just a dream.


    At what time did you hear the “sports talk” on 970… I tuned in a bit around 7:30-8:00 this morning, and heard what I think was the “normal” programming.


    “Kilmeade and Friends tackles the top stories and news of the day, be them political, financial, sports, entertainment or gossip.”


    How many different incarnations has 105.9 had? The Eagle, The Brew, Earth and whatever it is now, or was a little while ago. Is it that different? Do they change more than the name?

    Steve Naganuma

    105.9 is The Brew. Eagle is 106.7. Earth 105 was 105.1 back in the mid 90s. Before The Brew format 105.9 was The River and Star.


    Jr Tech…It might have been the morning show talking sports instead of politics. Pleasant change. 🙂


    Let’s not forget about Kool.


    Nice bump for The Buzz in the latest ratings release…wonder why?


    And Semoochie…at least Kool had better jingles than KWLZ (those came out of a trade deal with ReelWorld), even if they were still out of phase with the playlist.

    Matt Jones

    KQOL’s jingle package was TM Century, not ReelWorld.

    105.9 History (Cliff note version):

    Feb 2001 – Star 1059 (KSTE)
    Jun 2002 – 105.9 The River (KRVO)
    Nov 2005 – Smooth Jazz 105.9 (KIJZ)
    Aug 2007 – Kool 1059 (KQOL)
    May 2009 – 1059 The Brew (KFBW)


    “Nice bump for The Buzz in the latest ratings release…wonder why?”

    Two things come to mind:
    1. People who don’t want Christmas music have come over from K103 and Charlie.
    2. They removed Daria, Mitch & Ted from afternoons in October, which was a very talk-intensive show. Listeners have responded positively to having music in the afternoon (and thus, consistently all day).


    It’s worth noting that KGW-TV celebrated their 60th anniversary on their Facebook page this week.

    Sad that at 90, KEX is now an empty shell. Now would be a good time for KEX to reinvent itself. Rebuild the news team, find good, talented, knowledge laden people. Bring it back to its longstanding reputation as Portland’s Radio station of record. Finding an owner with the bucks and the willingness to stay the course would help. IHeart is wasting a 50,000 watt powerhouse.

    Andy Brown

    The only way that would happen is if Clear Channel goes totally bankrupt and has to off it. Corporate sees the KEX license as a future asset, banking on the death of the standard broadcast band and a buy out from the government and/or a major financial position in the re-tooling of the band into IP services for industrial data requiring the rechannelization of the band. That’s why they’ve stripped it down cost wise to paying the power company and a small handful of people to just make sure the carrier has modulation of some sort.

    The good ol’ days you allude to are permanently gone. There will NEVER be the kind of investment by anyone to build an all news station . . . not now not ever.


    Sadly, even longtime news powerhouse KGO suffered a similar (though less drastic) fate. I am glad that Edward R. Murrow did not live to see commercial radio broadcast journalism implode the way that it has.

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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