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    Forgive me if these have come up already, I checked and didn’t see.

    1. Prescott out at KGON.

    2. Mark Mason moving from KPAM.

    3. “Ted” let go at The Buzz.

    Thoughts, observations, opinions?


    Trying to figure out where Mark’s headed…according to his blog he has something lined up but where else does he fit on the dial these days?


    I doubt Mark would go to KXL, but you never know. Perhaps the morning or afternoon show on KEX? I’d even put KEX back in my presets if that happened. Afternoon or mid-day sports show on KPOJ. Again, I might have to put KPOJ back into my presets if that happened.


    Molly Paige is gone from Portland’s Afternoon News on KXL. I just heard Lacey Evans back in the afternoon slot today, and I’m wondering if that’s permanent.


    Has a format change recently occurred at KRSK/105.1 FM. There music sounds different.


    Daria and Gustav/Gustav and Daria together again on KNRK aftenoons starting November 7.

    I’m a big fan of both and I couldn’t be happier.


    Did Mark Mason do any kind of farewell or did he just disappear from KPAM? I’ve been a fairly regular listener to Mark since his KEX days but hadn’t been able to listen the last couple of months and was surprised to hear that he had left.


    I have to do some catching up and this is as good a place as any to start. I heard a little bit of Daria on KNRK and the conversation seemed more music than personality based. I hope this isn’t really the case. I wonder why The Buzz decided to take away what I thought was the top rated afternoon show in town.

    Andy Brown

    Why? Because you don’t think like the corporate baboons that make those decisions.


    Daria should be doing morning radio,she is a great talent. KNRk is not a good fit for her because its a music intensive show with very little talk time. Infact, their slogan for the past few month was “we’re just a minute away from the tunes”

    Daria should do a live morning show on KNRk, that would be a much better fit for her. Move her and Gustav to mornings where they can put on an actual “show” that isn’t so music intensive. Isn’t the current morning show on KNRK voice tracked anyway??? Time to get rid of the voice tracked morning show and bring a live morning show to KNRK.


    It seems that iHeart corporate has completely gutted KEX, and the station has gone out with a whimper. The Michael Castner Show, which was the only live, locally produced broadcast (other than play-by-play sports) has been off the air for some unspecified length of time, and nobody noticed. The Michael Berry Show now starts at 3:00 PM.


    Regarding KPAM afternoons;

    Carl Wolfson has been on, sometimes with Margie Boulet. They seem to work well together, and since OPB decided to run All Things Considered twice each day I’ve been flipping during drive time if I’ve already heard the NPR content that day.


    I noticed sports talk this AM on KUFO. Has this been their morning programming?


    I was thinking that it was only a matter of time before 970 paired with 750. I expect 1190 to eventually join 620 as well.


    I listen to KPAM in the mornings, so I have missed this change. Is 970 simulcasting the 750 morning programming now?

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