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    Steve Naganuma

    KQAC is moving their backup antenna to a new location. This may cause some reception differences between KQAC and KMHD.

    All Classical Portland to relocate back-up antenna to a NEW tower!


    Is KQAC the station that was interfering with KORE in Eugene? Or was that a translator?


    The stations interfering with each other on 95.7 are the KQAC translator K239BP in Flynn (which is in HD), and the KORE translator K239CM in Eugene.


    Even here on the Northern Oregon Coast, we are loaded with FM signal.

    88.1 KWAO
    88.7 KLOY
    89.1 K206CL
    89.5 K208AZ (KMUN)
    89.7 KOAC FM
    90.1 K211ET
    90.5 KGIO
    90.9 KCPB
    91.3 K217FG (KMUN)
    91.9 KMUN
    93.3 KEUB
    94.3 KRKZ
    94.9 KBGE
    96.5 KCYS
    98.1 K251CD (KSWB)
    99.7 KLMY
    100.9 K265CP (KPDQ)
    102.3 KCRX
    103.9 KVAS
    104.5 K283BT (KOPB)
    104.9 K265DN (KPDQ)
    106.3 K292GZ (KKOR)
    107.1 K296DM (KPDQ)

    22 signals in our market of about 40K. That is a lot of FM. Add to that 3 AMs

    840 KSWB
    1230 KKOR
    1370 KAST

    KAST is the only AM without an FM translator.


    Got to luv it when 88-1 KKJZ Long Beach California covers up that piece of shit KGRI this morning with RDS too boot!


    Since KPDQ appears on several translators on the coast, I take it that Gospel Echo is still in operation. Here is a page that has an interesting photo of a wind powered translator operated by Gospel Echo: http://www.oocities.org/gospelecho/


    Gospel Echo is still around. Frank Furnish passed away a while back but others are running it. They had more translators at one time, but they were sold to keep the current ones operating.The NPR translators have listeners, but I wonder how many of the others do? I rarely listen to local radio these days. I either do FM Dxing or stream everything. Most young people I know around here never listen to radio. They stream from Pandora mostly. I was streaming some old Rober W. Morgan from KHJ in 1968 as well as some KFRC from the same era. Radio was so much fun then. Portland had KISN, KGW, KGAR, KGON (AM). Seattle-Tacoma-Everet had KJR, KOL, KTAC, KRKO.


    That’s Robert W. Morgan! Be careful; he may come out of the grave and shatter your morgan! 🙂


    Got to luv it when 88-1 translator KWOU Woodward, Oklahoma eats up that piece of shit translator KGRI Lebanon this evening


    Responding to 2 year old post, but don’t forget Kgw’s sister King in Seattle. Major competitor in top 40 in the 70’s. High reaching northern directional signal reaching most of British Columbia and we once had a call from Finland!

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    Got to luv it when 88-5 KCSN Northridge California covers up KMUZ this afternoon.

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