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    Good Morning, it’s 5:10 and time for The Ag Report, brought to you by Farms Co-op.

    The Portland oats market has been in the doldrums for many weeks. Only recently have advances in corn prices paved the way for modern strength in the oats market. Right now, oats are a good buy as a substitute for corn if they can be bought at a normal discount from the present Portland price.

    However, the Portland price is only part of the story. Reports indicate that Oregon farmers just are not selling oats. Farmers are holding a greater share of the crop this year than at any time in history. The Oregon grain trade reports that almost no oats are commercially available at the current market price based on Chicago.

    In many areas, oats are selling locally for feed at prices equal to the Chicago price of around 80 to 85 cents. There is likely to be a rising oats market this winter based mainly on local demand. However, with most of the crop being held off the market, a producer would be wise to hold beyond the late winter months. After that the market could break if a rush to unload should develop. And that’s Ag News for this morning….

    You know I feel better already 😀


    The former SSNs are public information on the SSDI indexes published by your friendly Social Security Admin , BTW…of course they are no longer valid. And I have often wondered about this practise myself, wondered if those numbers are ever re-issued..I dont know..but I guess your Federal Government doesnt care..obviously or they wouldnt publish the old number .

    Anyway..I always liked , in the noon AG reports, on great radio stations like KAGO Klamath Falls, 1973 ish, a top 40 radio station at the time, the tobacco auctioneer announcer from wherever he was from reading off numbers like mad..they were ‘ Basis points”…essentially stock prices on the Chicago Exchanges..what a bore it was to a 21 year old young buck driving across the mountains to K-Falls from White City..just waiting for the hour to complete to 1 pm and BACK TO THE HITS..on 1150 K-GO..no I-POD MP3 players, No FM signals up there…, no Sirius XM, just K-GO


    The wife was from Grants Pass and whenever we went down there in the ’60’s I remember there were two stations but the only one her dad would listen to was “Country” KAJO. Every morning it was nothing but Farm reports. Seemed strange to me but I was a “city dude”. I think the other station played Top 40 for maybe 3 hours in the evening and something else the other times. I think KAJO was a daytimer. I think the wife’s family had three cows. I guess that qualified them to be farmers back then.

    Paul Tilton

    Craig, I was amazed to see just how complete the list was. Paul Alexander, ag-caster from Washington County was my uncle. Some say I was his namesake, others say it was Paul Downs (Hue Downs Brother) but I can tell you it would have meant the world to him to be remembered here. He joined me on air for the last time one morning in 1992 on KTKU-FM, Juneau while he was passing through on a cruise with my cousin. I got a third class study guide from him for my tenth birthday. I had no idea what it really was, but that memory became a very special one. Seeing his name on Portland Radio’s Honor Roll is another. On behalf of all his family, who were quite fond of his broadcast days, Thank you.


    Paul: Thank You. My biggest fear was missing someone, so I culled “This Day In Portland Radio History” three different times. This listing would not have been nearly as complete if collecting data had begun when the project began.

    Since then, we have two more names to honor:

    2012 – Aug 21st. – BOB DYE – 77 – Host

    2012 – Aug 21st. – BUDDY SIMMONS – 86 – Personality


    Thanks, Craig; I’d forgotten how many of these folks I miss. The only (slight) correction I would offer, is that “Dr. Jazz” Fetsch actually had a first name: “Bill”.


    Thanks Mike!

    Just found out former KXL PD was also an on the air host:

    1993 – Oct 24th. – STUART HANNON – 81 – Host


    Additional new listings:

    2009 – Aug 24th. – JIM BRAUN – 79 – Host

    2001 – Sept 22nd. – JACK MOYS – 83 – Announcer

    1998 – Dec 16th. – JANET BAUMHOVER aka ABIGAIL CLARK – 100 – Actress

    1985 – Dec 31st. – CONSTANCE ROTH FOLTS aka NANCY APPLEGATE – 79 – Actress

    1983 – Dec 2nd. – DON BUTLER – 41 – Sportscaster

    1982 – July ?th. – HOMER WELCH – 69 – Host

    1981 – Dec 16th. – RUTH HOLMES – 84 – Actress

    1970 – Apr 4th. – BYRON FOULGER aka STUART L. RUTLEDGE – 70 – Actor

    1963 – July 3rd. – MARK DANIELS aka CAPTAIN HARVEY – 68 – Actor

    1957 – May 18th. – DON GREEN – 41 – Announcer


    I’m late again. But grateful to you, Craig, for doing all you do. I worked with many of the folks here. I was sad to learn that George Harris passed. He was a good friend in his early years in radio. He died young after surviving a near-death accident several years ago.


    Look at this. Like father, like son:

    1965 – Apr 13th. – BEN BUISMAN – 59 – Ag-caster

    2007 – Sept 12th. – BEN BUISMAN, JR. – 70 – Ag-caster


    Additional listing:

    2012 – July 13th. – MERRIE VIRGINIA – 86 – Actress – (aka GINNY TYLER in L.A.)


    Additional listing:

    2012 – Dec 16th. – BILL COLE – 64 – Personality


    Additional listings:

    1990 – Jan 25th. – ALEXANDER LOCKWOOD – 87 – Actor

    1979 – May ?th. – TED BAUM – 74 – Entertainer


    Nice work, Craig! I’d almost forgotten about Jimmy Hollister! In addition to his fine work at KEX, he played the non-speaking role of Head alongside host Vic Ives on KATU’s “Sinister Cinema.” (Vic was also a DJ at KEX at the time.) Watching them work together on SC was a hoot. Head couldn’t talk, so Jimmy relied on facial expressions…great stuff.

    Best, Mike 8)


    Just added to this thread (below) is a flock of “Hoot Owls” from the old KGW program. There were a few already on the main listing (above). Rather than separating the two flocks, I’ve combined them so you get the entire picture in one glance:

    1997 – May 19th. – FORREST BERG aka GRAND SQUEAK – 96 – Actor

    1989 – July 10th. – MEL BLANC aka GRAND SNICKER – 81 – Comic

    1976 – Sept 16th. – HARRY GRANNATT aka GRAND STRINGBEAN – 78 – Host

    1969 – Aug 6th. – DEAN COLLINS aka GRAND SONNET – 82 – Actor

    1964 – Dec 27th. – BARNEY GOLDSTEIN aka GRAND SCHMOOS – 77 – Actor

    1962 – Dec 30th. – ASHLEY DIXON, SR. aka GRAND SCRATCH – 79 – Host

    1955 – Feb 14th. – RONNIE CALLVERT aka GRAND SKIDOO – 81 – Actor

    1954 – May 6th. – FRANK SARDAM aka GRAND SCREAM – 73 – Actor

    1951 – Oct 29th. – BILL BOONE aka GRAND SKIPANO – ?? – Actor

    1949 – May 26th. – CHUCK WHITEHEAD aka GRAND SERENADER – 61 – Entertainer

    1945 – Oct 30th. – BILL HOFMANN aka GRAND SILENCE – 74 – Actor

    1936 – Dec 10th. – BILL STRANDBORG aka GRAND TALON – 60 – Actor

    1935 – Sept 4th. – BISHOP WALTER SUMNER aka GRAND SERMON – 62 – Personality

    1933 – Dec 22nd. – HENRY METZGER aka GRAND SLAM – ?? – Actor

    1932 – Sept 1st. – CHARLES F. BERG aka GRAND SCREECH – 61 – Host

    1931 – Apr 26th. – TIGE REYNOLDS aka GRAND SKETCH – 53 – Actor

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