POP goes the Weiner

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    It looks like the perverted slimebag Anthony Weiner is back to sexting again. And How Dumb is Huma Abedin who serves as vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for President. She is also married to this slimebag. This is the 3rd time Weiner has been caught sexting,this time with their 4 year old child in the picture. IT appears Huma finally got the picture that her husband is a sleaze bag. BARF! The Hillary Clinton campaign is beyond disgusting.


    Oh Dorky Dorky Dorky…I was holding out so much hope for you on this. You were doing so well until the last sentence, then your Anti-Hillary Tourette’s kicked in.

    Abedin is in a failing marriage with a man who has a perverse obsession, She gave him three strikes and now he’s out. She tried to stand by her man (“conservative value”?) but finally is done with him. Good for her.

    What’s beyond disgusting is your lame attempt to connect Weiner to the Clinton Campaign. Sad!


    I find it rather ironic that a guy named weiner is being knocked by a guy who calls himself dork.


    I find it stupid almost beyond the point of comprehension how anyone could possibly claim the dissolution of two individuals marriage is (somehow) the fault of whom they work for or with. It’s a special kind of dumb. Yet, somehow, Dork lowered himself to the challenge. I suspect it required little effort.

    I find it ironic that Donald Trump and his mouth breathing surrogates would even attempt to comment on the state of anyone’s marriage. The last time I checked The Donald was on wife number three. He has five kids from three different women. He cheated on wife one with the lady who became wife two, then left wife two after a turbulent relationship that included lawsuits, before eventually settling on a Slovenian model to become wife number three. She’s now 46. He’s 70.

    I mean, really? He’s going to comment on anyone’s private relationship?

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