Polls say most don’t favor defunding police

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    Personally, I think the idea of moving some rescources around to help certain factions of police to mental health professionals makes sense. However, those calling for more severe cuts in police departments is simply insane. If we want anarchy in this country, that would be the perfect recipe.


    I’m willing to see some case studies first. From most all accounts, Camden, New Jersey’s efforts to “defund” their police department, granting more funding to social services to help its people rather than just arrest them, combined with smaller precincts and a true effort on community policing, has worked.

    That’s just one instance. I’d love to see others. The only way to know is to try.

    I do know this – the status quo is unacceptable.


    I’m very open to new thinking on policing and related issues. “Defund the police” has not been clearly defined yet. It’s a catchphrase and I don’t know what it really means. I would never support completely defunding or disbanding. But some of the money might be better spent elsewhere. For example in Eugene there’s talk of diverting some funding from EPD to CAHOOTS.

    NPR story on the relationship between EPD and CAHOOTS.



    Whatever you call it, fundamental change has to happen. I’m a white male and I have zero trust in the police. Protect and serve needs to be above beat down and pummel.


    I don’t see how re-allocating police resources would have saved George Floyd’s life. Am I missing something?

    It seems George Floyd was killed because a thuggish cop, Derek Chauvin, was allowed to remain on the Minneapolis police force for far too long. Chauvin had 18 complaints on his record over almost 20 years on the force – and most were just dismissed. Why was that tolerated? If you want to prevent more black people from being killed by the cops, you need to figure out how to make it so cops with complaints aren’t allowed to remain cops, no matter how much you try to re-organize or defund the police departments.

    Andy Brown

    Systemic problems rooted so deeply in the history of the country aren’t going to get solved by defunding the police budget. It’s going to require taking on the police unions that make it so difficult to weed out bad cops, both in the hiring process and in the ongoing administration process.

    If anything, the problem does need funding but stealing it from needed programs just to satisfy mass hysteria is tenuous at best.

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