Pitino Fired

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    Andy Brown

    Pitino had been placed on unpaid leave late last month, when the school put his employment under review.

    His career has seen plenty of turmoil, wins and championships. Sadly, the bribery scandal has brought him down and washed out his legacy. He won’t be remembered for the successes, just the failures.




    While this was expected, the bigger picture is the future of how college basketball operates. And that picture ain’t pretty. Expect extreme new restrictions on recruiting and incentives for recruits. And other heads will likely roll.

    In the meantime, Pitino’s contract shows that he is still owed 44 million. This will obviously play out, but I doubt he will collect anywhere near that amount.



    Pitino will most likely be proven to have been terminated with cause, meaning he gets none of that $44 million.

    This scandal isn’t over. It’s just starting.



    Pitino is as dirty as they come. And this has been known for a long time. I’m sure there will be more news coming out showing just how dirty he is.

    And, I hope this will lead to a system of paying players in college so we can eliminate all the under the radar bullshit.

    When it comes to football and basketball, we are talking billion dollar entities. Players receiving scholarships with a value of $40K per year are clearly being shortchanged given the business model.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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