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    DUBLIN, Ohio — Donald J. Trump sustained a notable defeat Wednesday when the World Golf Championships event held at a course he owns outside Miami was moved to Mexico City. The PGA Tour announced that it was ending a 54-year relationship with Doral, which Trump bought in 2012 and spent $250 million renovating, because it could not find a sponsor to replace Cadillac, whose contract ran out this year.

    The tournament is expected to be played at Club de Golf Chapultepec and will be renamed the Mexico Championship after the tour reached a seven-year agreement with Grupo Salinas, a collection of Mexico City-based companies overseen by the billionaire Ricardo Salinas and his son, Benjamin.

    Tim Finchem, the PGA Tour commissioner, said the move had nothing to do with the politics of Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, whose statements about Muslims, Mexicans and women have had a polarizing effect on many people, both inside and outside golf. Last December, the tour was moved to release a statement in response to Trump’s rhetoric, denouncing his comments as inconsistent with the sport’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment.

    “From a golf standpoint, we have no issues with Donald Trump,” Finchem said at a news conference at Muirfield Village, site of the Memorial Tournament, which starts Thursday. “From a political standpoint, we are neutral.”

    Finchem allowed that the Trump brand, built on his real estate dealings and aggrandized by his reality television shows and other entrepreneurial forays, presented a problem for would-be sponsors.


    Not only is Trump going to get beat in this election real hard, his business empire is going to take a hit to the sack that pales in comparison. Just look at these results. I’ve always said more than anything, people vote with their dollars.

    The Trump brand is associated with a variety of hotels, apartments, and products. On one hand, a growing number of political supporters could boost sales of Trump products; on the other, a growing number of political detractors could lead people to avoid his brand. So which of these two forces is stronger?

    To answer this question, we analyzed hotel data from Hipmunk, a Priceonomics customer and travel search engine. Focusing on Trump Hotels’ most-booked locations, we compared bookings this year to the previous year (before Trump attracted national political attention).

    The results? Bookings at Trump Hotels are down big time: they have decreased 59% compared to the same period last year on Hipmunk. It seems that customers willing to spend $500 a night on a Trump Hotel room may not be fans of Trump the political candidate.

    Trump Soho NY: -74%
    Trump International LV: -71%
    Trump International Toronto: -47%
    Trump International Chicago: -31%
    Trump Taj Mahal: -17%

    Not only do I predict a Trump beating in the General, I think his entire business empire is headed for a cash crunch. Just a matter of time.


    If he’d release his tax records we’d not doubt discover he’s,

    1. Nowhere even remotely near the net worth he loudly proclaims.
    2. Has paid basically nothing in taxes. For years.

    Which is, of course, why he’s reluctant to do so.

    Way to lead from the front, Donny.


    There are many people that could run and beat Donald Trunp in the general election, in fact there are many people who could run against Trump and destroy him in the general election, but I’m happy to say Hillary Clinton is not one of them. She is such a flawed/weak candidate. I can’t wait to watch Trump destroy her in November. I was out having breakfast this morning and overheard a guy say and I quote ” There is no weaker candidate in the country to run against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton”. And my response to that guy is

    “Truer words were never spoken.”


    Sorry DenialDork, but Trump will get creamed in the election.

    But it’s also okay if he isn’t.

    All his opposition has to do is keep him from getting 270 EV, and that wouldn’t be too heavy a lift for either Sanders or Clinton.

    Dork, you need to spend less time in your Romneyesque fantasy world and prepare yourself for an America with a liberal majority in the U.S. Supreme Court.


    It has been a bad week for Don-Con.


    I think Orange will look great on Crooked Hillary. That is definitely her color. Some questions that come to mind are:
    Will Hillary get her own prison cell?
    Would Hillary Clinton be a good cell mate with Bernie Madoff? ( let’s face it, they are both crooks!)


    1. Will never happen.
    2. You support a serial lying, bigoted, misogynistic, ignorant thin skinned blustering bully.
    3. Per the usual, you sound like an idiot. You’re like the comments section from a Fox News story.
    4. There’s a bridge somewhere missing it’s troll.


    Crooked Hillary is still under an FBI investigation. To be honest, I actually hope she doesn’t get indicted because I know she is the one candidate who can’t and won’t beat Trump. She’s the second most disliked candidate ever, she has the likability factor of a wasp.


    Agreed. She is a weak and inept candidate. Very overrated. She’s boring and she relates to the common person about as well as “Where can I buy me a huntin’ license” John Kerry did. That a relatively unknown government-is-the-answer Socialist old man could be giving her fits in the primary speaks volumes about her “strength” as a candidate.


    Fuck you F&B. It’s beyond sad you are here yet again. What is this, your 6th try? Proud 2 be bacon. What irony.

    But, I’m willing to take bets. I’ve got a big stack of dollar bills and I’m ready to put it on the line with anyone who thinks Trump will win. Put your money where your mouth is.

    Getting back to my topic, what a beating Trump is taking business wise. With the booming Obama economy revenues and profits are up at just about any hotel property, even Motel 6. Clearly the toxicity of Trump has soured many on spending their buck to support Trump.


    The evolution of how others regard a Trump supporter, from beginning to end:

    1) inconsequential
    2) entertaining
    3) jaw-dropping
    4) Seriously?
    5) sad
    6) annoying
    7) maddening
    8) staunchly opposing
    9) irritation
    10) mystified
    11) pity
    12) cute/adorable

    Dork and F&Bacon – you are being regarded between 5 and 7 right now, expect to be at 11 or 12 by September.


    I watched parts of speeches from both Trump and Clinton today, and here is my takeaway:

    Clinton seems more restrained, less yelling, though attacking Trump in a measured manner.

    Trump seems more screeching, more yelling, and attacking Clinton in a non-measured manner.

    Can we put up with another 5 months of this? I am beginning to tune it out.


    According to all polls Trump is tied with Clinton. So beating him, she is not. They are virtually tied in every poll.

    Andy Brown

    Polls measure popularity. Presidential elections are decided by electoral votes. You need a state by state analysis that looks at polls in each state that might prove your point but right now, those state by state polls show Bernie or Hillary beating the snot out of Trump.

    Nice try, dork, but no sale.

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