Perhaps a local new American Idol?

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    Just witnessed young Daniel Seavey on Idol with a great rendition of a classic. This Vancouver teen definitely has talent.
    I don’t care about those who hate Idol, but this show still shows revenue for FOX. Watch for this young man.


    I’ll take a peek. Always like to see locals do well.

    Much prefer “The Voice” as a talent show, and I liked Idol a lot the first year or two.

    But… it’s just not my kind of thing. The methodology clearly can deliver good results.

    For me, the real appeal of these things is seeing the more differentiated people get somewhere. We know the sweet spot people are likely to make it and be worth the time.

    What we don’t know, with that formula, is about those people who actually can build an audience and bring some texture, and color to the whole thing.

    I will rarely buy music based on “Idol”, but I very regularly buy tunes from “The Voice” and some of those are quite surprising!

    For a year or so, after watching “The Voice”, I really did sort of hate “Idol” as it seemed shallow, among other things.

    That quickly changed to, “meh.” And that is where I’m at today.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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