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    First I want to thank everyone for all your posts during this Presidential campaign. Reading the different opinions CHANGED MY MIND ON WHO I’M GOING TO VOTE FOR. Before reading your posts I had been uninformed, BELIEVING what I know today as outright lies. Your posts convinced me and I WANT TO THANK YOU for stopping me from casting my vote for…

    Is this You? Please tell us why a pdxradio poster changed Your mind.


    Craig, you’ll pretty much hear nothing but crickets in here.

    A young lady I was Ubering yesterday and I were talking about the election, and she hit it right on the head when she said, “There’s a whole lot of us that not are voting for someone as much as we are voting AGAINST someone.”


    Mine is both an enthusiastic for as well as a committed against.

    It’s truly both.


    Most of the people complaining about the lesser of two evils are Republicans.


    The words that came out of Trump’s own mouth are the main thing that guarantees that he does not have my vote. However, some of the posts here helped to challenge the popular notion that Trump was some kind of business/real estate whiz. It has not been until very recently that large media outlets have been helping the public to connect the dots in the same way, by outlining Trump’s not-so-successful history.

    Andy Brown

    drumpf is exactly as many including myself thought he was before he chose to run for elected office. Phony. Bombastic. Untruthful.

    The really unanswered question that this election has brought to light is what has happened to the GOP? How could they end up with a non politician winning their nomination? Surely the angst of the 23%’rs has never been truly focused and generally they will support without question defective politicians. This is because they are without intellect and therefore gravitate towards politicians without intellect. Palin is a great example. The T party darling with no clue. There are plenty more examples.

    Are there that many dorque and Bacon types out there? Is that small but very vocal sect of the extreme GOP right wing that loud they created the drumpf phenomenon or did they just enable drumpf himself?

    Yes, there are many questions going forward but first the GOP is going to be humiliated at the ballot box for what they have given the voting public – – – a non choice in drumpf.

    I guess if you can convince ignorant voters like Bacon you are an agent of change or make promises that could never be kept (as long as it is the right promise), you can garner those votes.

    Anyway, to be on topic I don’t think drumpf ever really had a chance because the behaviors that have hurt him so much were there before and although there is nothing like a video/audio tape of him mouthing off behind the scenes coming to light, the man is so damaged that had the GOP vetted him they never would have let him get the nomination.

    By the way, of the 43 people that have served as POTUS, only 4 had never been elected to public office before becoming President: Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, Herbert Hoover, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Before his presidency, Taylor was a career officer in the United States Army, rising to the rank of major general. Grant was a West Point graduate and also a General in the military. Hoover went to what is now George Fox Univ. in Newburg and worked in his uncle’s real estate office. He later went to Stanford and earned a degree in geology. He then went to work as a mining engineer and traveled the world before becoming an independent mining consultant. He became known and liked by U.S. foreign ambassador Walter Page and eventually was asked by President Wilson to be the head of the U.S. Food Administration. After the war, as a member of the Supreme Economic Council and head of the American Relief Administration, Hoover organized shipments of food for millions of starving people in Central Europe. He used a newly formed Quaker organization, the American Friends Service Committee, to carry out much of the logistical work in Europe. He then became Secretary of Commerce. Eisenhower was also a West Point graduate and became a General in the military before running for President.

    Okay, so the 4 non politicians or more accurately the 4 with no elected office experience did have pretty solid backgrounds. Now let’s look at drumpf.

    drumpf was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He went to privileged white private schools before enrolling at Fordham University and then transferring to Wharton Business School because they had courses in real estate. He did graduate with a B.S. in Economics. He avoided serving in the military with a series of medical deferments. He got his start with a huge loan from his papa whom further provided financial support for drumpf’s early mistakes in business. He has filed bankruptcy 6 times. More of his branded ventures have failed then succeeded. He doesn’t hold a candle to the four actual presidents discussed above. He is not considered by the experts to be a successful business man. He has screwed more contractors and employees out of money and benefits then so called jobs he claims he created. He is a miserable human being when you get right down to it. No wonder Baconboy loves him so much.


    There is one silver lining to Trump being on the ballot: we are now seeing many conversations about sexual harassment, discrimination, xenophobia, and unethical business practices taking place as a result.


    Oregon and Washington will have little effect on the election results. So we are just singing to the choir in our home states.

    However as I predicted the polls are narrowing and this still could be a close election. I do think the electoral map still puts Clinton way ahead. But the truth is Clinton supporters need to vote and not take anything for granted, even though Washington and Oregon are not in any doubt.


    It will not even be close. Nov 8 will be a beatdown we haven’t seen in decades. I’m 110% confident Clinton will win. The bigger question is what happens with the Senate and House.

    If Hillary is elected and Dems have an advantage in the Senate, kiss the filibuster good bye.

    Get to know your 40 year old super liberal judges that Hillary will appoint for life!

    Alan Craig

    Interesting poll I saw the other day that says slightly more than 60% of both Clinton & Trump voters are not voting in support of their choice but rather against the opposing candidate. That my friends is simply a graphic national division of epic proportions.


    Hey Alan good to see your name on here again. I think you are spot on with that understanding of where the electorate is at this point. It comes down to who will get the negative non votes and it appears to be Trump and by that I mean Trump is likely to lose.

    I remember our political discussions in Eugene in the 2004 election. We both thought that Kerry was going to win that one but remember the morning of the election I changed my mind and said that Bush will win re election. haha some things stick in your brain lol.

    I do think Clinton will win this election but it will be somewhat closer than many expect.


    “Get to know your 40 year old super liberal judges that Hillary will appoint for life!”

    I won’t live long enough to see all the damage she’ll cause if elected, but this is a competitive race and by no means in the bag for Clinton.


    Okie Dokie.


    Unless Clinton suffers some medical catastrophe, such as a stroke, heart attack, or brain aneurysm, IT’S IN THE BAG!


    I wouldn’t say that even if all the numbers were reversed. You never know what can happen between now and then, and you don’t know what the turnout will be.

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