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    I have been comparing Portland with smaller markets, like SLC #26, KC at #33. Yet, both markets have so many more diginets compared to Portland/Salem. Any idea why Portland doesn’t have more TV stations?


    Actually, Portland is now No. 22. Better yet, what’s the deal with TBD being carried on two stations? The network is a joke, and it’s also available online. A total waste.


    I live out at the coast and we have 2/6/8/10/12 OTA. But since 12 wants us to have 49, we get both off one translator in 720p, but no sub channels. Giving us 16 OTA channels. For a time we had Laff/Cozi, but then 12 switched back. They could add a sub channel or two, as KATU has 4 channels as well as 10. At least with Sinclair having their app on the Roku/Firestick does give us TBD/Charge!. Plus Pluto has Buzzr, and Comet. Hoping more diginets start streaming. I did not know that PDX was now market #22. They are still listed as #24 on several sites.I saw that TBD was on two channels. That is a waste.


    Comcast Portland added Pluto TV to the apps section on their X1 cable boxes this week. Not only does Pluto have Buzzer, they have WeatherNation as well, along with NASA TV. Pluto also has several movie stations and two 24-hour channels of 1960s/70s “Doctor Who” reruns (but no Retro TV, which also has that package, too). Pluto also has Sky News from the UK. Pluto blacks out the local ad windows on Buzzer and WeatherNation, replacing them with an animated “Back in a Moment” slide. Buzzer, by the way, celebrates 4 years on air tomorrow. Comcast has also added Xumo, which has CBC News from Canada, and a channel showing old TNA pro wrestling shows, and another one that has Mexican lucha libre pro wrestling matches from their AAA league dating back to at least 2004. Xumo also has several movie stations as well. Both services are free to Comcast customers.


    I have a Roku and Fire TV and there are several channel apps that have a lot of free content, Pluto, Xumo, STIRR, Roku Channel, to name a few. There are quite a few diginets. I am glad STIRR is up there giving us Comet, Buzzr, and TBD.


    Compare to the market where I live, (San Francisco), I recieved almost 100 channels off the air. Majority of the programs are foreign languages (Spanish, chinese, Korean, Vietnamese), and home shopping channels. One channel that we don’t have in the Bay Area vs Portland is Antenna Tv.


    I am curious about the economics of these DTV sub channels. Do Cozi-TV, Antenna-TV, and similar networks rent space on the television stations that carry them? Or, do the parent companies of these networks own the stations that carry them?


    Some diginets require carriage on the cable providers in the DMA as part of their carriage agreements. If stations like KATU are full up or can’t come to an agreement with Comcast, Frontier, Charter and the like, the diginet/sub channel will not make the deal.


    No Antenna TV in the Bay Area? I am surprised. Do you have THIS? Neither here are OTA. 32 has few translators.


    This week, Court TV began running a promo spot entitled “I want my Court TV.” Yes, it’s borrowed from the classic 1980s MTV campaign that was immortalized in the popular video for the Dire Straits song “Money for Nothing.” The network’s Facebook post featuring the “I want my Court TV” spot also included a link to the “Find a Station” page on their website. It provided some interesting information.

    According to the website, Court TV doesn’t have an over the air partner in Portland yet. But it also reports that Comcast Portland will carry the network on Ch. 303 starting on November 1 of this year. Comcast 303 currently runs Antenna TV off KRCW 32.2. That means that ATV will have to move on the Comcast lineup, probably to 309, which is currently vacant. I’d be very surprised if KRCW dropped ATV, given its popularity at the moment. If they do, where does ATV go? KOXO? We’ll probably have to wait until October to see how this plays out, but it’s something to keep our eyes on.


    Cable TV is off-topic for this thread, msndrspdx. The discussion is about broadcast TV networks. Stay on topic or start a new thread.


    Here is a quick look on some of diginet channels.
    Currently being carried in the Portland market.
    As you can see from this list. I’ve broken down into two areas. Duplication and Time Shifting.

    Diginet Duplication

    Bounce TV — 06-3 KOIN-TV and 49-3 KPDX-TV
    QVC Shopping — 03-1 KVDO-LD and 22-6 KPXG-TV
    Trinity Bcst — 24-1 KNMT-TV and 24-5 KNMT-TV
    TBD Network — 32-4 KRCW-TV and 47-2 KUNP-LD
    YouToo America — 17-1 KWVT-LD and 38-1 KKEI-CD

    Diginet Time Shift Programing

    Oregon Public Broadcasting
    OPB 10-1 KOPB-TV and OPB Plus 10-2 KOPB-TV

    Fox 12 and Fox 12 Plus
    Fox 12-1 KPTV-TV and MNT 49-1 KPDX-TV

    ION Television
    ION 22-1 KPXG-TV and ION Plus 22-3 KPXG-TV

    Court TV Networks
    Court TV 32-1 KRCW-TV and
    Court TV Mystery 49-2 KPDX-TV


    Anyone have any updates on KGWZ-LD, KPXG-LD and KJWY-LD returning to the air? They could be prime candidates for carrying some of the diginets we are missing here.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    KGWZ-LD has kind of a weak signal here in Milwaukie. I can receive it on the big TV with an amplified antenna, but not on my small TV with rabbit ears.

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