PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations

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    Andy Brown

    “Biden is a mess, and unlikely to win. Extremely high risk.”

    The dementia strategy failed, so now it’s invent a history of nihilistic treatment of women and hope that works. Gotta laugh. It didn’t slow down drumpf and there was a lot more verifiable evidence (like a check) to consider. You just don’t see it’s not about Biden.

    The only strategy Republicans have is negative campaigning and the Russians are helping them. This election is about removing drumpf. Period. Sure, there are always the 1%rs that have their own ideas, but they don’t count because they are few in number and don’t show up to vote. Ever. Period. When has he said she said ever been a viable political strategy? Like NEVER.

    “my advice to the DNC would be to ditch Biden”

    Joe Biden remains a popular, strong, empathetic, articulate and future thinking candidate with a long history of winning his Senate seats (’73 – ’09) and getting things done. He leads in the polling but more importantly, drumpf’s disapproval ratings continue to rise. Trying to portray Biden as unstable, inexperienced and not an accomplished politician is ludicrous and reduces the credibility of everything coming out of the mouths (and keyboards) or the 1%rs.

    “the best move is to replace Biden at convention”

    You’ll never change political momentum one iota by operating the way you are. You have forgot one of the basic facts of political science, it’s about power, and you and the 1%rs have next to none. You have become obsessed with political philosophy, much to your disservice, and that is different than political science. Candidates don’t win elections on political philosophy.

    In other words, you don’t have facts or figures to back up all that you post. It’s just your stream of consciousness and short term memory at work. Meanwhile, the real facts and real figures just don’t support anything that you say. Not one paragraph. Not one sentence. Not one word.

    Although political science overlaps considerably with political philosophy, the two fields are distinct. Political philosophy is concerned primarily with political ideas and values, such as rights, justice, freedom, and political obligation (whether people should or should not obey political authority); it is normative in its approach (i.e., it is concerned with what ought to be rather than with what is) and rationalistic in its method. In contrast, political science studies institutions and behaviour, favours the descriptive over the normative, and develops theories or draws conclusions based on empirical observations, which are expressed in quantitative terms where possible.



    The Bernie Bros are desperate for a narrative that will absolve them of any responsibility for helping Trump win again. They want to be able to say “Biden lost, told you so, we should have nominated Bernie!” That’s also why it’s important to them that Trump win again.


    She’s actually got nothing to do with that. Tara is Biden’s own deal. His history, record, all of that.

    No absolution needed.

    Here’s the raw, hard truth:


    That adds up.

    Last election over 40 percent of people stayed home. That’s why Clinton lost.

    Wasn’t Stein
    Wasn’t the russians
    Wasn’t Bernie, who busted his ass for her, outperforming her own work on that front.
    Wasn’t Bernie supporters, many of whom went to bat for Clinton

    Was her. Didn’t do the work needed to garner a winning number of votes.

    Now, in this election, nothing has changed! There are still way too many Americans unwilling to continue supporting a party that doesn’t actually represent them in a meaningful way.

    They aren’t wrong by definition! That’s what an election is. That’s what voters are.

    I’m telling you all Biden is going to lose and it’s because Biden isn’t doing anything to actually win!

    To do that requires actually garnering those votes. Means actually communicating people about how their lives will be improved with their vote, or they simply won’t bother.

    Blame and shame?

    All that does is help you personally cope with the mess. It does absolutely nothing to improve the politics, nor the chances of a party win.

    Anyone who wants to get rid of Trump needs voters to help them do that.

    We had a guy out there super good at organizing and a ground game capable of defeating Trump easily, but that came at too high of a cost; namely, getting behind policy that people would be excited to vote for.

    That’s not in the cards now is it?

    Don’t blame us. Or do, but don’t expect it to carry any real weight.

    I personally have zero fucks to give. Know that right now.

    The party very clearly wanted to defeat Bernie more than defeat Trump.

    Well, the defeating Bernie part is done now.

    How are they doing on the defeating Trump part?


    And that’s not my, nor Bernie, nor any Bernie supporter about good policy, mess to clean up.

    The DNC thinks it knows better. Thinks it has all the power.

    And it does! Let us be clear. We made a huge campaign, movement, historic, and it’s not enough to even make them budge.

    OK fine.

    Their show man. Lock, stock and barrel.

    The way I see it, they don’t care whether Trump gets defeated so long as we don’t go against the wealth looking to continue policy that results in more Americans struggling every year.

    80 percent of workers are paycheck to paycheck now.

    Over 20 million more have lost health coverage during a pandemic. That brings the total number of Americans with inadequate health coverage pretty damn high now.

    And they are behind the guy who is very solid for profit health care and who has an anti labor record, including respectable minimum wages?

    Won’t be our fault they lose. Theirs.

    At some point in this, representative government has to include meaningful representation, or it’s not going to work.

    And the cost on that?


    We’ve seen it before all over the world, and it’s gonna happen here, unless we figure out a way to actually give enough of a shit about ordinary people to get the votes needed to avoid facism.

    ALL of the Trump people are going to show up. ALL of the hard core Biden people are going to show up.

    Right now, there are more Trump people, more excited than there are Biden people excited.

    I can’t help with that.

    Say I wanted to phone bank for Biden. What the fuck would I even say on the phone?

    Because Trump?


    He could pick one of those two things, nom a VP who means it, or who at least can do the sell job, and garner winning votes.

    Clinton had the same damn choice, didn’t do it.

    No my friends, this is not on me, the russians, Bernie, et al.

    Decades of poor governance favoring profits over people is why we are here today.

    We don’t really have a middle class anymore, and that’s why we are here today.

    Failure to even recognize that is why we are here today.

    All I can do is talk about realities. And the reality is Biden is a shitty, uninspiring candidate, feeble, poor record, poor policy vision, the whole nine.

    Defeating Trump very likely means replacing him, not fluffing the turd with lame messaging campaigns like “Biden is the next FDR” garbage going on right now.

    The people needed aren’t paying attention to that shit. They are busy trying to make it, jaded on the politics going poorly for them for decades on now.

    “the bros” aren’t a thing even.

    They are majority progressive women 18-45. Fact.

    “Desperation” is something Cable News will invent because they literally can’t talk about it any other way.

    If they did?

    Most of the people behind good policy would welcome that, because actually understanding this shit, why it’s going the way it is would be BIG NEWS.

    Bring that on.

    Otherwise, nobody is looking for any of your validation, myself included.

    This is simple:

    Post up policy people can get behind, and the whole thing goes to work STAT. Let’s defeat Trump.

    Don’t do that?

    Well, go defeat Trump then. It’s not like any of us are going to lie, or contribute to people who are toxic to us, and ours, is it?

    Of course not!

    And there it sits.

    Can’t make people vote. Can’t tell them they have to sign on for more of the same, because Trump is worse.

    For many, Trump no Trump, doesn’t even matter.

    Matters to you though. At least you say it does.

    Somehow I find that just a little hard to believe.


    Now, because you won’t read that, preferring instead to call me new and interesting things, here’s a TL:DR;

    What anyone about the policy, myself included, will say, is MAKE IT ABOUT THE POLICY.

    It is about policy. Policy, policy, policy.

    Do that, and we are going to defeat Trump.

    Don’t do that, and we are extremely unlikely to defeat Trump.

    Do that, and there is no need for Bernie either. In fact, Bernie, all of us will gladly help.


    Decades of more Americans struggling every year add right the fuck up and here we are.

    Too damn many of them are unwilling to support more of the same politics that got us here, because we are here.

    So which is it?

    Policy, or more Trump?

    There is your narrative right there.


    For the future:

    The next move will be increased unrest coupled with an increasingly authoritarian time. To a degree, that is already going on, but you won’t see it on the TV, because that’s not a story they want to talk about.

    Should be obvious as to why.

    Trump is a super shitty fascist. We are lucky in that regard.

    What you should be worried about are the Tom Cottons of the world, who actually will be far more effective.

    The doors are opening for those people. Getting wider now.

    Closing them means presenting the people with things and people to vote for, that stand to improve their lives.

    In other words, give a shit.

    Blame and shame is not giving a shit. If we don’t figure out how to do that, this is all going to get super ugly.

    Don’t say someone didn’t speak up.


    There are people who believe the earth is flat, too!


    Same repetitive crap over and over again.

    Get a grip!


    Well, it’s in response to the same shame and blame, so there is that.

    And yeah, policy, policy, policy.

    I personally find all the attempts to speak for people many of you know nothing about quite amusing.


    So is this.


    Missing: “I personally find all the attempts to speak for people many of you know nothing about quite amusing.”

    But you have no problem doing it yourself.


    Want to bring some clarity?

    Go right ahead, I’ll read it.

    Andy Brown

    “Last election over 40 percent of people stayed home. That’s why Clinton lost.”

    No. Wrong. First of all, it is normal for 40 to 45% of people not to vote. Nice try, but doesn’t fly.


    Second, Clinton lost because of the relentless coverage of Clinton’s email servers, the infamous letter by then-FBI Director James Comey to Congress a week before the election, the Russian social-media disinformation campaign, and the Clinton campaign’s hubristic strategy of taking for granted the Midwestern “blue-wall” states of Michigan and Wisconsin.


    “Blame and shame is not giving a shit.”

    Wait a minute. Didn’t you just falsely blame people not showing up is why Clinton lost? You are contradicting yourself (again).

    Your endless posting of bullshit is becoming so unreliable that nothing within them can be accepted as factual.

    Your lack of coherence and substantiation reduces your impact to less than zero and the longer your posts are the less they get read.


    Missing: “Want to bring some clarity?”

    The Bernie Bros claim that they represent the point of view of the vast majority of Americans – you claim to speak for them. But the primary results showed that you do not speak for them – that’s why Biden did so much better. This “silent majority” of voters just waiting for a candidate like Sanders to cater to the issues you claim they care about doesn’t exist.

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