PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations

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    Andy Brown

    PBS finds no support for Tara Reade’s accusations. Nonetheless, the lies and corruption of the POTUS and the Republican Party looms large every day and their supporters are still split into two key groups, those that don’t care and those that are too stupid to see, hear and feel the avarice, venality and criminality. Remember sociopaths never answer to the facts when challenged, rather they always attack the messenger.



    I don’t believe her story. Bitter Bernie Bot.


    Thing is she is not a Burner. Party Dem from way back when she was a Biden staffer.

    But, it does not work that way. Basically, on one of these people will believe or not.

    Percentages who do are non trivial.

    Biden: If I believed Tara Reade, I would not vote for me.

    Biden in response to critics: “You oughta vote for someone else”



    Missing: “Thing is she is not a Burner. Party Dem from way back when she was a Biden staffer.”

    She was not a “party Dem” in 2020 – after Marianne Williamson dropped out, she became a Bernie Bro. Or at least pretended to be, to gain sympathy for her story and manipulate the Bernie Bros whom she knew were looking for any excuse to not vote for Biden. Anyone reading the stories can see that.


    5. Before she made her assault allegation, Reade was a Bernie Sanders supporter and opponent of Joe Biden

    After previously supporting Marianne Williamson and Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 race, Reade — after Super Tuesday — was a constant presence on Twitter, tweeting and retweeting pro-Bernie Sanders and anti-Biden messages.


    Well, being an opponent of Biden is understandable. Pussy grabs tend to result in that kind of thing, right?

    Warren support trends standard Dem. Williamson support doesn’t.

    Once she saw Biden was going to get the benefit of party influence, of course she got active. Tons of people did.

    Personally, I think it went down just as she said. Biden has a long history of inappropriate behavior around women, and girls for that matter. And he’s pugnacious by nature too.

    All reasons why the best move would be to replace him. I think they will at convention when it can be easier to avoid Bernie being #2.

    Add up all the defense needed and tepid positives, and he’s a lousy candidate.

    We can do better and should if removing Trump is top priority. Nobody has been nominated yet.

    Is it?


    Missing, I bet you have that same giddy feeling that we all had in December 2016, when we hoped, prayed, believed that the electors in the electoral college will do the right thing and not vote Trump through to the presidency.

    Though technically possible, it was a fools errand to assume Hillary would win the electoral vote then…just like it’s a fools errand to think Bernie will somehow get the nomination. Technically possible perhaps, but…no.


    Missing: “Personally, I think it went down just as she said.”

    Of course you do. The Bernie Bro cult members could not assume Biden could be innocent of anything he might be accused of, no matter how many inconsistencies her story might have. Reade has played you all brilliantly. You’re probably right – she probably isn’t a Sanders supporter at all. She used you to bolster her credibility – she played to a group of people who already irrationally hated Biden and would be sympathetic to any anti-Biden story she could dream up. It gives you all the perfect excuse to vote against Biden and help Trump get re-elected.

    I’m hope you will be disappointed when her allegations fade away and don’t help Trump get re-elected after all.


    Where have I expressed anything about Bernie getting the nom in weeks?

    I was ultra clear a while back. Bernie isn’t getting the nom, and I said why too. (apparently calling me various things trumps actually reading what I have to say. Noted.)

    For review:

    The establishment base of power is committed to a neoliberal path. And it’s strong enough to get it done too.

    OK, fine. Got the message. (which is what I wrote last time)

    Now, despite all the claims of me being mental, Trump supporter, and on and on…

    …despite those things, I would really rather not see another Trump four.

    To that end, the best move is to replace Biden at convention where avoiding Bernie as #2 is most possible.

    I believe they will do that too. I believe that because some signaling has already happened and I bet the majority of them will realize running Biden is profoundly irresponsible if they really are about removing Trump. If they don’t?

    I am absolutely going to make the argument they were more about defeating Bernie than Trump, and it’s gonna stick with a ton of people. (great labor organizing tool, BTW, so there is that)

    Biden is a mess, and unlikely to win. Extremely high risk.

    Really, it comes down to whether Biden wants to run for POTUS more than he wants to defeat Trump.

    Twice in a row we’ve got a shitty nominee. I’ve cast my primary vote and will go indie from now on. Great timing too as my party voting position expires about now.

    I am a leftie, solid labor class and there is a lot to do on that front. If we can’t actually make progress within the party, the alternative is clear.

    Time to make avoiding long overdue policy one hell of a lot more expensive than it currently is.

    Anyway, as an independent observer, my advice to the DNC would be to ditch Biden, settle on someone willing to do the sell job and win the election. That is entirely possible to do, while avoiding Bernie, and they better do it, because Biden is extremely unlikely to win.

    Because Trump.

    Hope that helps 😀


    Yes Andrew, of course I do.

    #MeToo wasn’t just a politically expedient tool.

    Apparently the DNC disagrees, right along with a bunch of people willing to ignore pretty much anything so long as they can also say, “Because Trump.”

    Katie Halper did a fine interview that tells the story well.

    And if we are going to go for character?

    LOL, Biden has YEARS of just the kind of behavior that reinforces this kind of thing! Literally the only reason I’ve got to ignore Tara?

    Because Trump.

    We need to get rid of Trump. Would be damn nice to see real efforts toward that end.

    So far, no joy.

    Back to Tara for a moment:

    Truth is, the very worst they have on her is she chose to speak up now when Biden is on the rise. Frankly, that argument rings absolutely true, and who would want to see someone who denigrated them so badly rise to the Presidency? (If it were me, and I had tried multiple times in the past? Bet your ass I would. )

    Yup. She did that. Don’t blame her one bit. There are reasons why we have basic codes of conduct as men and Biden frequently ignores those. It’s likely to cost him.


    It should.

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    Re: That feeling?

    Didn’t have it. Clinton was super shitty, and the Trump win was NO SURPRISE. Remember I was the one saying she was going to lose, and said why and was not far off the mark.

    Edit: Hell, I was the guy telling you her own staff was being ignored. (among many other things, but that one is primary. Had she listened to her own people, she would have very likely won)

    But she wanted the pop vote total more than she wanted to defeat Trump. (among other things)

    Sorry to disappoint.


    You’re an unhinged idiot.


    Okie Dokie

    You do realize that has ZERO impact right?


    Missing: “Yes Andrew, of course I do.

    #MeToo wasn’t just a politically expedient tool.”

    #MeToo doesn’t mean every accusation of sexual assault is true.

    #MeToo means every accusation of sexual assault should be heard and taken seriously. Reade’s have been. They are not credible. Did you actually read the PBS story at the top of this thread?

    Do you think women are liars, ever?

    Maybe all 62 former female staffers who worked for Biden are liars when they all said they had “never heard any rumors or allegations of Biden engaging in sexual misconduct, until the recent assault allegation made by Tara Reade.” They’re lying to cover for Biden – only Reade is telling the truth. I mean, Reade is telling the truth NOW – not last year when she told journalists emphatically that Biden DID NOT sexually assault her. Now she must be telling the truth – for some reason. She must have been lying last year, not now.


    Did you read it?

    I will go back to my earlier post:

    Basically, on one of these people will believe or not.

    Percentages who do are non trivial.

    You don’t. Others don’t.

    I do. Others do.

    People who really believe in Biden as a candidate are going to poo poo this.

    People who stand to gain with Biden as a candidate are definitely going to poo poo this.

    People who don’t think much of Biden are likely to promote it.

    Some people are going to completely ignore it.

    Percentages who do are non trivial.

    I don’t think much of Joe Biden at all. That’s true apart from Tara.

    From my point of view, put this on the stack of things that indicate running Joe Biden is a bad idea. And it is a bad idea.

    I also think the more stories that run on the mess, the worse it actually is for Biden.

    It can get worse for Biden.


    Tara Reade posted the following in 2018: “President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness. His sensuous image projects his love for life, the embodiment of grace while facing adversity.”

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