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    Paul Friehl, formerly an accountant at Philadelphia cabinet maker Edward J. Friehl Company, says his family’s business was ravished by Trump’s perplexing failure to pay nearly a quarter of a $400,000 contract for work completed at Harrah’s at Trump Plaza in 1984.

    The Friehl family business, founded in the 1940s, had been given the job to complete registration desks, bars and the bases of slot machines at Harrah’s, one of four Atlantic City casinos shuttered in 2014. When the company completed its work, it submitted a bill to a general contractor for the Trump Organization in the amount of $83,600.

    Trump never paid up, Friehl claims, and the GOP disruptor later arranged a meeting with his father. The cabinets at Harrah’s were inferior, Trump allegedly said, even though the general contractor had approved them.

    Friehl would not receive the full amount, but the company was still invited, bizarrely, to accept future contracts on other Trump properties

    Edward Friehl, who once hired an attorney to sue Trump, was ultimately advised that the case would result in exorbitant legal fees far outweighing anything the family might recoup.

    Devastated by the nonpayment, the company’s finances fell apart, Friehl struggled to find work in Atlantic City and the business went bust within five years of working for Donald Trump.


    Trump has been a four-flusher and a cheat for years. Check out the guy that designed that designed the Trump National clubhouse, then got stiffed:

    Andy Brown

    Dork? F&Bacon? Surely these attacks on your favorite fascist can’t be true????

    But they are. In fact, according to reliable sources these are just the tip of the iceberg. Donald already has alienated labor so much so he can never win an election where they can vote.


    They must be making it up.

    No, it’s the media making it up.

    Yeah, that must be it.


    All of that stuff come out before we get to the other elephant in the room,the ties that TD has to organized crime:


    Put a fork in Hillary, she is done!


    Based on what? Facts, please.


    She’s done alright.

    Just the formality of tallying up the electoral votes.

    Next comes the swearing in, then come the Supreme Court appointments.

    Be sure to pray hard for all the “babies”!

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