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    Hopefully some of the more technically oriented of the group can comment here: Curious as to how Pandora Radio functions. That is physically what happens between a track arriving in their possession then to stream.
    Does Amazon handle their servers? Or do they run off their own hardware?
    Also, what type processing are they using on their stream?
    Appreciate any intelligence the group might have. BTW HAPPY SUMMER!

    Andy Brown

    Pandora is owned by Sirius Holdings. No server information is easily found, but I doubt anyone but Sirius is involved on the hardware level.

    In the beginning Pandora was totally dysfunctional. No, seriously, they had NFC.

    The vast majority of Pandora’s users remain on the free, ad-supported model. The big players see value in them, but I doubt they’ll survive for much longer. In fact, it’s only by a series of money moves that keeps them streaming as it is. Buy and sell an underperforming product or service is nothing new.

    In 2014, Pandora signed an agreement with some music copyright owners for lower royalties in exchange for more frequent streaming of songs. Though not illegal, this practice raised comparisons to payola, which is illegal payment for airplay on terrestrial radio.

    In 2019, Pandora had about 63.5 million active monthly users, and only 6.2 million subscribers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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