Our Man in Tehran

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    Dan Packard

    Amid all the depressing news that runs across our minds daily, it’s great to see a documentary that really pulls in a magnificent close look at people in another country and culture. And shows what many of these people feel about our United States.

    On this week’s PBS Frontline, Tehran based New York Times reporter Thomas Erdbrink has a remarkable two part series, Our Man In Tehran, about Iran, and people struggling with change.

    He’s lived there for 17 years. His conversational style and friendliness with people, and the stunning visual photography and production, makes you feel you are living in the moment and that the camera is not even present.

    One of the best absorbing documentaries I’ve seen. And recommended to give you a better insight to this country (and ours) than what you hear from a tweeting Presidunce or Iranian mullah.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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