Our Culture of Rape

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    On the heels of the news of Bill Cosby and our total misunderstanding we seem to have in the US concerning rape, I give to you an article, written by a woman pastor, that, for me, truly understands what it is like to live in a culture of rape.

    The article.


    If she thinks the culture of rape is bad here in the US, I suggest she try out India or many of the other countries where women have much, much less standing in society.

    Let’s face it, testosterone has some bad side effects such as rape and murder. I’m not defending it, just acknowledging a fact. And women need to be aware of this and not kid themselves that every date a guy goes on, the ultimate goal is to have sex.

    Another interesting thing is that our species is the only one on earth where the term rape exists.


    I am well aware of other cultures of rape. I was singling out the US, in this case.

    We need to understand how devastating it is. We white men, and I assume you are white, Vita, (if not my bad), need to own the fact we cause the biggest problems for women in the US.

    Of course, not all men’s goal is sex on any date or anytime with a woman, but that wasn’t the point of the article. You’re dancing around the real issue by pointing out another countries problems and not focusing on our problem.

    When’s the last time, Vita, you went our your front door and thought, what do I do if a man appears on the sidewalk, is he a good guy or not so good? What happens if I get on an elevator and it’s just me and another man, what if he says something inappropriate, am I safe?..I mean the list is a mile long for women. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

    I never, EVER have to create scenario’s of escape or safety just going outside my front door. I’m white, I’m male, I’m Christian, I’m privileged. Man, this thing couldn’t have worked out better for me.


    The last story that Tiffany Thomas tells is the most chilling, by far.

    About a week ago, I flipped by KPQR 99.1, and they were running a Jewish themed program that presented the same interpretation of Genesis 19. I was a bit surprised to hear this because Christian radio and TV broadcasts never present the city of Sodom as a place where rape was an accepted part of life.

    I will also add that as a man, I have never had to worry about being sexually assaulted. My main worries are about my things being stolen.


    >>Christian radio and TV broadcasts never present the city of Sodom as a place where rape was an accepted part of life.
    Been in Christian Radio most of my radio career and beg to differ…the text implies consensual and forced sexual activity unhinged…sad stuff that had to be dealt with.


    You’re missing the crux of the article, Broadway. This pastor is telling her truth. Why is it so hard for men, in particular, to validate what she’s writing.

    I’ve never experienced being raped, or for that matter, the fear of being raped. But I know many women who have been raped.

    Women who bring up charges on men who have raped them, typically have a small percentage of winning the case. The rape victim is so traumatized that remembering the rape can be very difficult, particularly when the person who raped them is sitting close to them in a court of law.

    Many women will wait months before actually telling anyone that they were raped, if at all. Most women that are raped know the rapist.

    So it really makes no difference how you read the “implied” biblical text. That was simply to illustrate her point. Listen to the victim is the point. Giving them a place of safe harbor with their traumatized emotions, is very important.

    I was very curious to see how this thread would play out and except for Alfredo, it seems to be headed in the direction I’m sad to say, validates our culture of rape in this country. I would have hoped for better.

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