Oregon's 2015 Economy Outpaced All States

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    Does anyone remember in 2010 when Measures 66 and 67 were passed? Conservatives guaranteed the implosion of the Oregon economy as a result of tax hikes.

    Turns out, as usual, they were wildly wrong. Completley wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong if they tried.


    The 27th-largest state, with almost 4 million people, had the best-performing economy in the nation measured by employment, home prices, personal income, tax revenues, mortgage delinquency and the publicly traded equity of its companies, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    By punching well above its weight in half a dozen comparisons that make up Bloomberg’s Economic Evaluation of States, Oregon’s economic health index rose the most through the first three quarters of 2015, according to the most recent Bloomberg data. The closest two rivals for No. 1, North Carolina and Michigan, were at least a full percentage point behind Oregon, failing to achieve the same consistency of improvement across the six business, financial and industrial values in the index.


    Oh yes. The KPOJ ADS actually said, “the middle class is paying its fair share” with a pitch on how business is not.

    Several here predicted gloom and doom. Well, the businesses will just move…

    Didn’t happen like a lot of said it wouldn’t. I also remember the idea of just shutting down because the profit would not be good enough. Lulz. Nobody walks from a good income stream. And if they are stupid enough to do that, there are always people more than willing to step in and make it themselves.

    I find it funny, how that argument is always used to justify not paying people enough to make it on their labor. There is always someone willing to work for less right? Right to work for less States demonstrate this nicely, and have economies to match.

    Well, right to do business has the same implications, and it appears Oregon, being one of the best places to start up manufacturing, called that bluff with good outcomes.


    Oregon and Washington are both doing well. I think the in-migration is occuring in greater numbers due to the perception that the great recession is over.

    However, looking at the numbers, Washington is beating Oregon by percentage in population. I don’t think too many in Oregon would be upset with that as long as there is job growth. And that is definitely occuring. So the status quo continues…Oregon looking for moderate growth, and Washington with high growth, not necessarily looking for that, but not turning it away either.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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