Oregon Live Dumping Comment Section

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    They’ve had a lot of problems with whatever system they use for moderating – some mix of algorithms and human – innocuous comments get banned, racist and homophobic stuff makes it through.
    I’m sure its more of a cost-cutting move more than anything. It’s too bad because the comment section has been a place where people notice obvious errors in a story that are presumably corrected before they make it into the print edition. Always figured if you required a Facebook login or limited posts to one a day, you’d cut back on the back and forth nonsense.


    Big mistake. It will not be easy to rebuild that population. The active core of it brings a ton of lurkers along. Those people read Oregon Live. Many will move on, or go where the chatter is.

    Do they not realize the strong, negative ripple down effects?

    If I had time, I would set up a domain, post it, and see who shows up. Bonus points for pre-populating topic groups.

    Right now, the smaller communities that have endured have considerable value.

    Moderation can be solved reasonably. Tons of capable people out there.

    Watch Oregon Live take a traffic hit, then ramp up on click bait to compensate.

    I encourage users there to start a mailing list. When the alphas figure out where they want to land, use the list to migrate others.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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