Oregon Democrat Governor Implodes

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    First the Oregonian wants him gone.

    Now even his corrupt democrat pals want him to leave.

    No, John. Oregon isn’t ungovernable. It’s simply governed by corrupt democrat politicians.


    We knew all about his corrupt girlfriend in November. What is wrong with Oregon voters?


    Don’t worry Broadway.

    It’s crickets from the conniving, disingenuous, democrat left.

    After all, it’s THEIR guy.


    I think it is a mess.

    There is an investigation, and discovery going on right now.

    As that plays out, we will see what kind of mess.

    Republicans in Oregon are a complete joke, and it’s not as if they have a lot to say as a party, including nationally.

    Oregonian seem to understand how things need to play out, and they live in a nice State not plagued by problems seen in the likes of Kansass.

    The right thing to do here is to sort it out, which appears to be happening.

    Go ahead though. While you are at it, try to come up with just a few positive policy visions even worth discussing, because most people who live here understand it could be very ugly and they know who had been trying to bring it here for a while.

    Remember all those due process discussions? Yeah, that is how the left typically approaches things, and the benefits of not going off like bat shit jackels has played out for the better plenty of times to warrant that approach now.

    Also remember your party has the clear record for ugly crime, etc… while in office.

    If anything, coming to a quick judgement about how a whole party, people and every other thing being bad is far more warranted by Republicans track records than it is Democrats.


    If he broke the law, then he needs to face that. Nail him.

    We have a reasonable replacement in the wings.

    We will find out what happened and have common sense options to deal with it too.

    Pace the rage guys.

    We could have a given or who broke the law seriously, or one who walked the line on it, maybe with poor personal judgement.

    Linking that to the likes of corrupt, conniving, disingenuous is way over the top, way too early.


    Glad you have something to jerk off to this week, Herb. Wanna win an election? Quit running mentally-deficient neanderthals for statewide office. Kitzhaber is going to get his.


    Even though he said he is not resigning (2/12), my hunch is it is allowing him to clean up his business via email, etc. I look for a resignation either tomorrow or early next week.


    It is pretty clear right now that Kitzhaber is in CYA (Cover Your Ass) mode, and it appears that his hand will be forced.

    As it should be.

    I don’t care what your political stripe is, if you’re in this deep in corruption, you need to be gone.

    And it’s funny how Herb is rousting from the rooftops in regards to Gov. Kitzhaber, when his self-professed hero is Richard Milhous Nixon.


    What Gouge said.


    What goes around comes around…


    First lately it was Sam Adams, then David Wu. now the gov. It shows what happens when one party is in control for too long. Sad day for Oregon.


    I say we’ll have a lesbian as our Gov. soon.


    “What goes around comes around…”


    “First lately it was Sam Adams, then David Wu. now the gov. It shows what happens when one party is in control for too long. Sad day for Oregon.”

    It think it shows what happens when people in power don’t hold their private behavior and standards to the highest levels possible, and then allow that behavior to taint their public service. I can cite a bunch of Republican names to prove that this malady infects leaders of both parties.


    Gotta laugh at the fundies here. When Gov. Brown runs for re-election in 2016, she’ll have incumbency status — pretty much ensuring the governor remains a Democrat for years to come.

    If Gov. K remains in office until the end of his term, the GOP may have a decent shot, well, maybe.

    So, celebrate and shoot off your other foot!

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