Ore. bakery will have to pay same-sex couple up to $150K

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    I’ve seen different versions of who gets the fine money, regardless though, the bakery BROKE THE LAW.

    End of story.

    If you support the bakery, you support law breaking behavior.

    And as far as compassion goes, the bakery is the one that should have shown compassion and just made the fucking cake instead of being judgmental assholes.


    A church is exempt because it makes no sense to get them to bless a union they do not want to bless.

    People are free to find a church that will, or ignore churches entirely.

    This all makes sense. Nobody needs a church to get married.

    If some churches never recognize gay marriage, they will find themselves increasingly less relevant over time. No worries. That will all sort out.

    But, the bakery is a business and it operates under license and that license requires they do not discriminate like they did.

    If they didn’t want to serve the public, they should have not entered into public business. They could form a club, or take contract work and pick and choose freely.

    Of course those options do not have the benefits of the public market, and access to that market means serving it lawfully.

    They did not do that, and are now running afoul of the law.

    None of that has anything at all to do with their religious beliefs.

    Business is business and the law on business is clear.

    Alfredo, that is a loop hole on that refusal can happen, with a catch! They must simply refuse. If they state why, they are subject to the discrimination laws.

    Judging people personally in a public business setting isn’t a good practice and can be illegal.


    Maybe compassion makes sense if we get a meaningful and public apology from the former bakery owners.


    But there will always be Christian support for racial equality and justice for all, from conception until death.

    Not always;


    Is that a cross burning on a catholic lawn?

    If any of you owned a bakery and there was going to be a KKK party, would you make a cake and put “hooray for the KKK” on the cake or something to that effect if that’s what your customers wanted?

    It seems to me there ouugt to be some kind of exception regarding being forced to participate in sending a message that violates one’s conscience.


    Comparing the KKK to a gay marriage is ridiculous.

    Should a realtor deny an offer from a gay couple because doing so would violate her consience?

    What about a dentist? Doctor?

    Should a police offer have the right to not answer a call for help from a gay household?

    The bakery owners are shitty human beings and so are their defenders.


    I didn’t compare the KKK to a gay marriage.

    But apparently they have the right to exist and should have the right to have a party and have a KKK cake. You wouldn’t refuse them this customized service, would you?

    Again, the bakery owners have served them previously. They didn’t keep people out because they were gay. They objected to participate in a gay event.

    If it had been me, I would have served them and taken their money. I know that a gay civil union is not a real marriage. I probably would have literature I would distribute explaining my views.


    There is a basic difference being glossed over here.

    A bakery could very easily cite a no profanity, offensive, whatever policy and be well within their rights to do so.

    Nobody IS those things. They choose to do them.

    Maybe the anything goes bakery will compete nicely with the Disneyland one.

    I would do business with the real speech bakery in a second. Others can make their choices no matter who they are.

    The bakery discriminated against people for who they are, and that is a very significant point of consideration.

    Gay is not a choice, just as black, or female isnt, and that form of discrimination is illegal and for good reasons.


    Be sure and leave that literature and your claim of “real” marriage out there so people know which store to avoid.

    See how that works?


    >>Gay is not a choice, just as black, or female
    You know that one can go (back to) straight on a dime…not with black or gender…
    That’s the big problem here…it’s all just a proclamation and that’s scary.


    Thank you to Broadway and F&B for showing the rest of us what petty jerks you guys are.

    Judgmental assholes that on a basic scale of goodness rank at the bottom of the goodness ranking.

    Funny how so-called christians are all for law and order, yet when the law is not in line with their screwed up beliefs, it’s okay to be lawless.

    A business operating on Oregon CANNOT DISCRIMINATE. It’s the law, and by the way, it’s the right way to operate society.


    Nobody should tell gays they can’t buy products or services. But no gay should force someone to condone his lifestyle against their will.

    $150k because of a religious objection? That’s absurd. Even $5,000 would be too much. Real crooks get off for much less. What’s wrong with a warning for the first offense? My hunch is these are gay opportunists looking for a payday and they don’t care that they destroyed a nice business.

    The punishment exceeds the “crime.” It’s unjust.


    Break the law, accept the consequences.

    Sweet Cakes was a business who didn’t follow the law. It’s black and white.

    Feel free to support outright bigotry, but the law doesn’t see it your way.

    The business was destroyed by owners stupid actions.


    Good for those two ladies. I’m sure they’ve earned a lot of respect for the gay community by financially ruining a couple with five children.

    My takeaway on this is that gays are vengeful and mean spirited, and I better watch my back if I have to do business with them.

    I agree the bakers were stupid. They should have realized they were being set up.


    “But no gay should force someone to condone his lifestyle against their will.”

    It’s a cake, not an endorsement.

    Yeah, they have earned some respect. Racism, bigotry and theocracy are not OK.

    Those of us who get it always see targets of these things standing up for their rights as a good thing and will easily join them.

    Anybody not on board with that gets what they get. Tough world isn’t it?

    Yeah F&B, you better watch your back. The world just isn’t anywhere near as forgiving of bigots today as it once was.

    About damn time too.

    No matter how hard you try, this isn’t about the gay people. It is all about bigots and their negative impact in the world and how most of us are totally done with it.

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