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    Forecasts used to help justify federal funding for the project called for 17,000 average weekday trips in 2016. The Orange Line has so far averaged less than 11,000.

    TriMet planners say they’re still hopeful the $1.4 billion project will live up to projections. It won’t report back to the federal government until the end of next year.

    Anyone here try to drive anywhere in Portland lately? Traffic is off the hook.

    $1.4 billion to shuffle a mere 11,000 per day. Just think of the road work that could have been done around PDX for $1.4 billion.


    Imagine the traffic if we didn’t have the MAX system.

    1.4 Billion isn’t going to solve traffic woes within 8 miles of downtown PDX. With no new bridge going to Vancouver, all those WA plate cars are still going to be sitting on I-5 clogging it up for everyone else.

    A $4 surcharge to Clark/Mult/Washington/Clackamas county licensed cars to use both Columbia river bridges during 6 to 9 AM and 3 to 6 PM will clear up traffic in no time at all.


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    Andy Brown

    It won’t take too long for the Orange Line to reach those numbers. The unprecedented building of apartments along the line and at its terminus in Oak Grove is off the chart. All over Sellwood are new 4 story apartment buildings with limited parking. In Milwaukie and Oak Grove there are construction sites all over.

    It’s far too early to draw any conclusions over the first year’s operating revenue.

    Another caveat for this section of town is that there is no room to widen roads any more then they have been already. The traffic jam on McLoughlin during rush hours has been there for 40 years and it’s not going away ever. I’ve lived in Sellwood for 17 years and if you use SE 17th, SE Milwaukie, 224 and SE Bybee you can get almost anywhere without McLoughlin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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