OR pot taxes blow away projections

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    Don’t underestimate yourself Chris. You might fit in better than you ever thought. You might even see your uptight neighbor there too.


    Nah, but thanks for thinking of me. I truly have no desire to partake of pot. Personal choice.


    I highly suggest you visit one of your local stores and make a small purchase.

    A few weeks ago, I was riding the bus, and a man got off the bus to shop at a cannabis store. He appeared to be in his later 60s or 70s. The store had a higher-end look to it, rather than a place where one would expect to find stereotypical early 20-something pot aficionados.

    A serious question that I have is, how are most people consuming the cannabis? We live in an era where there is a lot of emphasis on the health risks of smoking, so it would seem quite counter-intuitive to put the respiratory tract at risk to benefit other parts of the body.


    Owing to the work I currently do, I have a fair amount of contact with musicians… guitar and bass players, specifically.

    I’ve noticed (among those who partake of pot and are open to discussing it) some grumbling about the ever-increasing price of “legal pot”… with the state & any local taxes, the costs of tracking of individual plants, the brick & mortar overhead, etc.

    As a result, there’s been a few folks who’ve mentioned ditching the stores and going back to “their guy”… whomever that may have been prior to the legal boom.

    Wonder if that sort of backlash will have much effect on the legal market?

    Andy Brown

    “there is a lot of emphasis on the health risks of smoking”

    Cannabis is a vasodilator (lowers blood pressure) meaning it expands blood vessels, rather than vasoconstrictor (raises blood pressure) like cigarette smoke which constricts vessels and that when cannabis is smoked through water pipes, bongs or hookahs, most harmful gassess and 90 per cent of tar are filtered out.
    Most of the risks of smoking are associated with the use of tobacco products, which have been proven to be carcinogenic largely due to the processing methods and additives introduced into the product by Big Tobacco.

    That’s not to say smoking pot is totally risk free, but the largest amount of marijuana being sold is flower tops (bud) so it is safe to assume that most people will smoke it in some fashion. As always, there is a benefits/risk equation. However, today’s marijuana strains are quite dense with THC, so it doesn’t take much to create the desired effect. Most cigarette smokers are consuming way more tobacco smoke in a day then most pot smokers are consuming marijuana smoke, even without water filtering.


    In my anecdotal experience, the average age of the customers who were in the store was probably 50 or higher.

    As for legal weed competing with black market weed on price, legal weed is already winning that competition, even with the taxes and overhead. I’m paying less at the store than what I paid “my guys”. And, I know exactly what strain I’m getting. And, I can just go pick some up any time I want.

    Yeah, there will always be the people that grow their own and take care of their “buddies” but I would compare that to the homebrew market. I used to make homebrew, and it wasn’t nearly as good as what you get at the store. Same with pot. I’ll pass on the unknown bag of crap weed and stick with the legal, regulated stuff.


    I agree with all of the above. The buddies taking care of buddies economy isn’t a big deal. Oregon basically allows that given the generous home grow provisions.

    Most people willing and able to pay really value a store and we’ll labeled, easily understood, clean options.

    The vast majority smoke it. Edibles will gain share as tech and consistency and regulations improve. Right now, edibles are tepid and that is by design. People don’t understand them well.

    A few vape, oils, etc… that is for strength, or just a low key, low hassle, safe consumprion.

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