opbmusic is going off air

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    opbmusic, (91.5 HD2) the music arm of Oregon Public Broadcasting, will be going off air and stop streaming Dec 11.

    Music reporting will still continue on their web site and social media outlets. No paying job losses which is good to hear. Only the DJ volunteers are gone (or will be once the channel goes dark).

    Broader announcements are to happen this week.

    I love this station so it was sad for me to hear about this. Only station that just played music 24/7 with a local focus.


    I guess having just one listener isn’t enough to pay the bills…


    For a while, I had been wondering whether OPB’s other musical outlet, KMHD, used volunteer airstaff. This story suggests that they do.


    KOIN TV news was off at 11pm last night also…fyi…


    My above post should say, “uses volunteer airstaff.” No changes have happened at KMHD, as far as I know.


    Your sentence structure was correct in that you began in the past tense, when you said, “I had been wondering…” but thank you for the clarification. The English language is sometimes a wondrous thing!


    In the 7th grade, an English teacher dinged me for inconsistent verb tenses in a creative writing assignment, so I feel painted into a grammatical corner.

    Between 1998 and 2001, I volunteered at KMHD. At the time, they had a few paid administrative positions, but the DJs, sound technicians, etc. were volunteers. Once I left the radio station, I lost touch with its internal operations.

    When the OPB/Mount Hood Community College partnership started, I was not clear on whether volunteers were welcome at the new KMHD studios. I recall reading that the show Homegrown Jazz was forced off the air during the transition because the only room at the OPB building that was large enough to use as a performance space was a TV studio, and there were rules in place prohibiting volunteers from using the equipment in this room. At Mount Hood Community College, Homegrown Jazz used the school’s band room as a performance space.

    ADDENDUM: KMHD still accepts applications for volunteer show hosts. Scroll to the bottom of the following page: https://www.opb.org/volunteer/

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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