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    Walt Larson was in my class at Benson (1967). That was his real name. The others are air names.

    I’d like to locate “Steve O’Shea” who did late evenings on KEX in 1978. After lisening to him talk about his college days at Drake Univ. in Des Moines, I felt obligated to call him and talk about my own there. We established that he graduated 10 years before me–1961 v. 1971. I later found out that “Steve O’Shea” was an air name. Does anyone else remember him and/or his real name?


    I understand about the use of ethnic names on the air, yet does anyone remember KOIN’s Dominic Sitowski? After he left KOIN, he became an insurance salesman in Tigard.

    Steve Naganuma

    Here is a interesting Dan O’Day article from Radio & Records (1989) in PDF form. I miss R&R.



    Tom: Thanks! Guess you could call me a collector of names. I have the master list in a computer file. Whenever someone posts information, I grab the name and enter it into this file. There’s no way I’d remember all this!


    Chris: “BARB HUGHES aka Barb Taylor on KXL-FM.” “Am I missing something here?”

    You’ll have to explain your comment. I don’t know how to answer it. Is the information wrong?


    I do recall hearing Barb use Taylor on KXL-FM at least one time while I was driving through town. I think I was the one who provided that bit of info to the above list.


    Seems to me Steve O’Shea also did Mornings on KYXI for about 8 months when they were doing Adult Rock..about 1975/early 76. Jim Liniger hired him.

    He got out of radio after that for awhile anyway and had something to do with one of those flower farms out in Aurora.

    ( Batten down the hatches here in the Tri Cities ..gusts to 60 and lots of rain here )

    Phil Harmonic

    Got my first air name from a demo reel of Pams jingles. We found a cool DJ name, sung on the demo for an Oklahoma station, got out the razor blade and grease pencil and chopped it out. Spliced it to our jingle (from Pepper-Tanner jingles) and the deed was done.

    Doesn’t sound very corporate does it?


    Pepper – I mean Phil – I like that very cleaver way of getting a radio name.. Pepper Tanner.. I believe the Old KISN in the early ’70s used Pams Jingles..(Not 100% sure).. That’s how I got my name, they had an extra jingle that had not been used in 1 year “G. Michael McKay”.. I was the third G Michael…But if I had to pick today “Pepper-Tanner” would be my choice!


    “…demo for an Oklahoma station…” KOMA, perhaps?


    i have been:

    Jon E. Logan *Radio Zelma* (my house when i was a kid)

    Even Stevens KLAL – Lamoni IA(high school)

    KiD Marconi KRQQ – Tucson

    Dead Air Dave – First Time on KNRQ (test show)

    Mark in the Dark – Z 100(seven shifts)

    Bacon – KHBZ -FM OKC

    Steven P. McTavish Esquire – KNRK 1997-2004

    Bolognious Francine Marconi – KUFO 2005-Present


    Thanks, I’ll add those to the master copy but…

    “Steven P. McTavish Esquire”? Was that a secondary name?

    “Bolognious Francine Marconi”? Is that a secondary name?



    The reason for my comment is Barb never worked for KXL. Her voice has been heard on various radio commercials on the station but that’s it.

    I doubt she ever used Barb Taylor. She is legally Barb Hughes and never picked up my last name.

    Barb worked for KWWW (KW3) in Wenathcee WA, (her hometown.) Spent time doing a Sunday morning show on KSLM in Salem in the early 80s. Worked for KPDQ (where we met) from 1986-1991 and then was part-time at Z100 from 92-95. And has been voice tracking the morning show in Coos Bay with me for 9 years.

    So you can understand my questioning.


    Hey Huckster – just an FYI – it is “Judi Austin” who now works with Larry Neal in the morning on KRWQ and has been one of the Rogue Valley’s most beloved air personalities for decades.

    I always kept my first name, but changed my last name when Lee Rogers gave me my first radio job back in Jacksonville Florida. Michele Coppola was too much of a mouthful and it just felt safer to use a different name…he suggested “Michaels”, the masculine of Michele. I very much appreciated his suggestion when I started getting fan mail from prisoners at the federal pen in Starke, many of whom were up for parole…


    Chris: Can you ask Barb if she used any other names on KKRZ or KPDQ?

    Phil Harmonic

    hey Semoochie, can’t actually remember but I bet KOMA is right! Thank god for those handy jingle demo tapes.

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