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    Ok, I’m just a listner I don’t know anything about the radio business.

    I have only been in 2 radio stations, KPNW Am way back when Bill Barrett & Bob Boshce was there, then Lee Green (I think), and KYES way back in the 1970’s school field trip.

    1. Why do you have On Air Names.

    2. How many on air names have you had.

    3. Have you ever gotten on air names mixed up.

    PS: I was in KRWQ with Larry Neal and Brian Bishop & Judy something.


    Seems odd in today’s world of facebook and twitter, but I changed mine for privacy reasons, plus my real name is difficult to remember. I’ve had only a few slight variations, usually because there was another Paul or another Walker on staff.


    AKA’s (also known as) have been around a long time and are especially applicable to Hollywood. Would scratch my head as a young radio guy and ask “that’s not his real name!”

    Wonder if there is a book about the history/start/phenomena.


    I’ve often used the real names of actors as an ice breaker when I’ve DJ’d a company or private party. Call up people and give the real name of the famous person and see if anyone can figure it out. Give only a few hints. Sometimes their stage name is slightly different than their real name. But then again how one gets Cary Grant from Archibald Leach is anyones guess.



    Here’s an item from Rockin’ In Quad regarding Mike Sakellarides:

    “Michael left KQ4 for a jocking gig at 62 KGW and we all wondered if he would use his real name. That was back in the days when the rule for popular radio was: ‘Three syllables, non-ethnic.’ Well, true to form, KGW grabbed the jock jingle package at the bottom of the pile and came up with Mark Stevens. At least Mike got to keep his initials.”

    So, there’s a typical example for you.



    I’ve always admired the more creative folks who pick a local street or something a little out of the ordinary. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a cool name, but Archibald Leach would have been a good name for a football player. Come to think of it, so would Cary Grant.

    It is interesting to see so many Walkers here on the board. It would be easy to imagine that Craig Walker was from a really big family of broadcasters spread all around the region. I wonder how many listeners thought that generations of local tradition and nepotism existed?

    I certainly did not fit the ‘Three syllables, non-ethnic’ formula, but at least I was able to keep my first name the rare times I needed one. When you are born with twenty-eight letters spread out over eight syllables, it is wise to compromise. 8)

    (BTW KQ4, I really love the website.)



    ADAM FENDRICH aka Terry Adams on KGON, KKSN-FM.

    ADDIE BOBKINS (or spelled Addy Bobkins, Nov 55) aka Bob Adkins on KLIQ, KXL, KEX.

    AL PRIDDY aka “all nite” Al Priddy (secondary name).

    ALAN COOK aka Al Conway on KUIK.

    ALAN LAWSON aka Chris Alexander on KISN, KPAM/KPAM-FM.

    ALAN STONE aka “Brother” Larry Love(?) on KQIV.

    ANDY MANUEL aka Chico Garcia on KUPL.

    ARCHER aka Alan Wesley Archer on KMJK, aka Alan Archer on KBPS.

    BARB HUGHES aka Barb Taylor on KXL-FM.

    BARNEY KEEP aka Bugler X, aka Bye Williams, aka “sweet lovable ol’ Barn” (secondary name).

    “BIG DADDY” DUKE aka Bob Duke on KGAR.

    BILL COOPER aka Bobby Lane on KGW, aka Bill Mitchell on KBZY.

    BILL HOWLETT aka “Uncle” Bill on KVAN-910.

    BILL JACKSON aka “Nightwatch” (secondary name).

    BILL STEVENS aka Jonathan Christy on KISN.

    BILL WESTERN aka “Morning Mayor”, aka Housewife’s Helper”, aka “Car Tune Kid” (secondary names).

    BOB AMSBERRY aka “Uncle” Bob on KEX.

    BOB SCHMIDT aka Schmidt on KGON, aka Chris Adams on KGON.

    BOB STEVENS aka “Housewife’s Helper” (secondary name).

    BOBBY NOONAN aka A.J. Harold on KGAR.

    BRIEN MORRIS aka “Kisn Sky Spy” aka “Chopper Boy” (secondary names).

    BRUCE MURDOCK aka Bob Charles on KPAM/KPFM/KPAM-FM, (?)KGAR.

    BUDDY SCOTT aka Mother Bear on KISN.

    BUZZ BARR aka “Housewife’s Helper” (secondary name).

    BUZZ HILL aka Bryan Roberts on KISN.

    “BWANA” JOHNNY aka B.J. (secondary name), plus “Crazy” Dick Simms on KISN, aka Dick Kilpatrick on KGW, aka Dick Johnson on KKCW.

    CHARLIE BRONSON aka Brandt Miller on KBPS, KPAM-FM.

    CHARLIE GIRL aka Shel Bailey on KGON, aka Luna Moon on Max 910.

    CHARLIE LaFRANCHISE aka “Uncle” Charlie on KPTV.

    CHUCK WEBER aka Chucker Weber (secondary name), Steve Phillips on KWAY, aka Steve Weber on KGAR.

    “COSMIC” JON aka Jon Barry on KMJK.

    CRAIG ADAMS aka Kraig Kringle (during Xmas shows), aka Craig Foster on KCYX.

    CRAIG LOCKWOOD aka Craig Luchenbaugh on KKCW.

    CRAIG WALKER aka Cha Cha (secondary name)

    CYN BOLSTA aka Cynthia Bolsta on KFIS, aka Cyn D. Fox on KOTK, K-Lite.

    DAN PACKARD aka Freddy Chrysler on KB101, aka Timmy T. on KXL-FM, then later aka Timmy Tornado on KXL-FM.

    DAN PATRICK aka Kilowatt Killer (secondary name).

    DANNY WRIGHT aka Dancin’ Danny (secondary name).

    DAVE PAULL aka Eric Sloane on KLC.

    DAVE “RECORDS” STONE aka Junior Rockaway on KRDR, aka Bobby Mitchell on KGAR, aka Roger W. Morgan on KISN, then later aka “The Stoner” on KISN.

    DAVE VINCENT aka Spacey Dave on KMJK, aka Country Dave on KWJJ.

    DICK SAINT(E) aka Dick Middleton on KBZY.

    DON WRIGHT aka “Your Uncle” Don (secondary name), aka Don Ross on KGW, later: “Doctor Love” on KEX.

    ED LEAHY aka “Nightwatch” (secondary name), earlier: Mr. Moon on KOIN-TV.

    ED RILEY aka Walt Larson on KBPS, aka Tom Bond on KVAN-1480.

    ED WHELAN aka Sonny Boot on KGON, aka Whelan Boot on KYXI.

    FRANK BENNY aka “Luncheon Munchin” (secondary name).

    FENWICK aka Jim Pearson on KUIK.

    GARY MACK aka Rich “Brother” Robbin on KISN.

    GARY STEVENS aka Sunny Day on KPAM/KPFM, aka Jimmy Cassidy on KISN.

    GEORGE BOSTON aka Boston Blackie on KPAM/KPFM.

    GLEN RICHARDS aka Scott Thrower on KGAY, KBZY.

    GRAIGG KELLY aka “The Big Guy” (secondary name), aka Craig Neff on KPAM/KPFM, aka G.K. Rafferty on KWJJ-FM.

    HAL RAYMOND aka “The Morning Mayor”, aka Hal “Coffee Head” Raymond (secondary names).

    JACK HURD aka “Just Plain Jack” on KLIQ/KLIQ-FM.

    JACK McCOY aka “The Noon Whistler” (secondary names).

    JACK PAR aka “Morning Mayor” aka, “Car Tune Kid” (secondary names).

    “JAMMIN” JEREMY PLANT aka “The Jammer” on KBOO, aka Mike Moore on KUPL-FM (1 show).

    JAY HAWK aka Tom Taylor on KUIK.

    J.D. FORT aka Jon Davenport on KEX.

    JEFF CLARKE aka Jeff Thomas on KBZY, KSLM, aka Charlie Stevens on KISN, aka Freddie Flack on KVAN-1480.

    JIM BICKEL aka Jim Sayers on KCYX.

    JIM BOSLEY aka “The Boz” (secondary name).

    JIM DONOVAN aka Jeff Thomas on KPAM/KPAM-FM.

    JIM E. CHONGA aka Jim Springer on KXYQ.

    JIM “THE BIG RAGU” MAASS aka “Captain” Jim on KMCM/KCYX, aka Jim Ryan on KARO.

    JIMMY HOLLISTER aka Ravenscroft, aka Head, aka I-gor on KATU.

    J.J. JEFFERIES aka Bill Best on KLLB.

    JOE LIGHT aka “Teen Leader” aka “Snuggie Patrol” (secondary names).

    JOE NASTY aka “Wolfgang Jock” (secondary name).

    JOE RYAN aka Joe Evans on KMJK.

    JOHN CUTHBERTSON aka “Sleepy” John (secondary name).

    JOHN EDWARDS aka Sylvester Behr on KGON-1520, aka Johnny Holiday on KAPT, aka Warren Weagant on KBPS, KKEY.

    JOHN HUGILL aka “Captain” Weenie on KKRZ, then later aka John Parker on KKRZ.

    JOHN WINDUS aka Johnny Hatchet (secondary name).

    JOHNNY DARK aka “Nightwatch” (secondary name).

    JOHNNY VENTURE aka John Park on KBPS.

    JOHNNY WILLIAMS aka “Car Tune Kid” (secondary name).

    “JUDGE” RAMSAY aka Tom Franklin on KYTE, aka Tom Moore on KYTE-FM, aka Doc Holiday on KB101.

    KAY WEST aka Glenna Heacock on KXL, KTBR, aka Betty Buyer on KOIN, aka Vere Kneeland on KLOR.

    K.C. CALDWELL aka K.C. McCormick on KCYX.

    KAREN TRACY aka “Kisn Sky Spy” (secondary name), aka Karen Knight on KBZY, KYTE, aka Karen Rose on KUFO.

    KELLY McCRAE aka Jay McCrae on KUIK, KGAR, KKCW.

    KEN CHASE aka “Luncheon Munchin” (secondary name).

    KEN DeBORD aka “Cactus” Ken on KVAN-910.

    “LAID-BACK” LENNY aka Jim Liniger on KLIQ, KYXI.

    LEO ERICKSON aka “Lucky” Leo on KKEY.

    MARCONI aka “Mark in the Dark” on KKRZ (1 show?).

    MARK ANDREWS aka Bill Donovan on KPAM/KPAM-FM.


    MICHAEL BAILEY aka Lee Nelson on KINK, aka Bob Marx on KPAM/KPFM/KPAM-FM, KGON, KINK.

    MICHAEL CONVERY aka Jeff McKenna on KKSN-FM.

    MICHAEL JACK KIRBY aka M.J. on KXJM, aka Michael Kirby on KXL.

    MIKE PHILLIPS aka “Luncheon Munchin”, aka “Car Tune Kid” (secondary names), plus: M.J. Phillips on KISN, aka Peter Galore on KGW.

    MIKE RIVERS aka Alan Mason on KVAN-1480.

    MIKE WESTERN aka “Car Tune Kid” (secondary name).

    MR. DUFFY aka Frank Kinkaid on KOIN.

    NICOLE SEGER aka Leslie Ashley on KMHD.

    PAT PATTEE aka “The Preacher”, aka “Nightwatch” (secondary names).

    PAUL ANTHONY aka Ralph Hull on KUIK, KISN.

    PETER ANTHONY MANN aka Gene Nelson on KWAY.

    PETER LETT aka Tim Peters on KMJK.

    PETER LINSKY aka Peter Leyland on KPAM/KPFM.

    PETER MARLAND-JONES aka P.M.J. (secondary name), aka Peter Marland on KMCM.

    P.O.A. aka Paul Oscar Anderson, aka “Metro Morning Mayor” aka “Waker Upper” (secondary names).

    “RAMBLIN” ROD aka Rod Anders on KUIK, KXL & KPOJ/KPOJ-FM.

    “RED” DUNNING aka Owen Dunning on KOIN.

    RICK “BUBBA” TAYLOR aka Rick Shaw on KPAM-FM, KEX, aka Jay Richards on KGW.

    ROBIN BANKS aka Bill Van Lom on KPAM-FM.

    ROBIN MITCHELL aka Jerry Johnson on KKEY, KYMN, aka J.J. Mitchell on KYMN, aka D.B. Cooper on KYTE (1 show).

    ROBIN SANDERS aka “rockin’ Robin” (secondary name).

    ROGER HART aka “Housewife’s Helper” (secondary name), plus: Roger Ferrier on KVAN-910, KUIK, KLIQ, KEX.

    ROGER W. MORGAN aka Jim Hunter on KBZY, KISN.

    RON LEONARD aka Craig Mitchell on KUIK, aka Eric Chase on KBZY.

    RUSS LORENZINI aka “The Italian Stallion” (secondary name).

    RUSS RIPLEY aka “Luncheon Munchin”, aka “Nightwatch” (secondary names), plus: Russ Reed Ripley The 3rd on KGON-1520.

    RUTHY KAY aka Ruth Kriko on KKEY.

    SCOTT LANDER aka “commander” Scott Lander on KKRZ, aka Scott Holton on KKRZ.

    SEAN MARTEN aka Jeff Marten on KQFM aka Jay Alexander on KQFM.

    SHERM MEYER aka Sherm “man on the move” Meyer (secondary name).

    STEVE O’SHEA aka “rock a day” O’Shea (secondary name).

    STEVE TAYLOR aka Steve Edwards on KMUZ/KMUZ-FM, aka Steve McCoy on Rosie 105.

    TERRY ADAMS aka Justin Case on KKSN-FM (1 show).

    TERRY McDONALD aka Russ McDonald on KGW.

    “THE BIG” B.A. aka Bob Ancheta (secondary name), aka John Thomas on KKSN-FM (1 show).

    “THE REAL” DON STEELE aka “The Emperor” (secondary name).

    TIM GORDON aka “Gonzo” (secondary name).

    “TIGER” TOM MURPHY aka “T.M. in the P.M.” aka “mad daddy” (secondary names).

    TODD ALLEN aka Todd “The Bod” (secondary name).

    TOM BROOKS aka Chris McKay on KPAM-FM, aka G. Michael McKay on KISN.

    TOM CAUTHERS aka T-O-M Tom on KGRO/KRDR, aka Ted Thomas on KISN, aka Scotty Wright on KISN.

    TOM McCALL aka Tom Lawson McCall on KGW, aka Tom Lawson on KEX.

    TOM MICHAELS aka “Tom Murphy’s friend”, aka “Murphy’s buddy” on KISN, then later aka “The Spirit of Wonderful Weekend” on KISN and “Luncheon Munchin” (secondary name).

    TOM PHELAN aka Todd Randall on KISN, then later aka Todd Clarke on KISN.

    TONY MARTINEZ aka “Officer” Tony (secondary name).

    TRISH “THE DISH” aka Tricia on KNRK.

    VAL CURRY aka Valerie on KKSN.

    WALLY THORNTON aka “Wally’s Musical Folly” (secondary name).

    WILLIAM R. HATCH aka Bill Hatch on KPAM/KPAM-FM.

    Bill Cooper

    Craig…I was also Bill Michaels when I was at KITI in Chehelis.


    “(BTW KQ4, I really love the website.)”

    Glad you like it, littlesongs! 😀


    Bill: The list just covers the Portland area and vicinity.

    This is for all readers, since it’s been brought up before when this compilation is posted. This listing was put together to connect the lesser known names with the personality name you recognize most. Emphasis is on the lesser known names and the stations they were associated with. If stations had been included for the well known names, the compilation would have looked like a laundry list, taking away from the real reason the compilation was put together in the first place.


    Craig – You are like a walking encyclopedia of Portland radio history!

    How do you remember all this radio info – Or is some of it written down?


    I always had a problem with this for some reason. I would make up a radio name and then wind up just using some version of my own name anyhow, as it just ” auto morphed ” that way at every station I worked at.

    First it was ” Al Conway ” at KUIK…, that one I kept pretty much intact, as I didnt work for that station too long, a few months. Eventually , when I moved to the Tri Cities it was just Al Cook or BIG AL Cook or BIG Al the Kennewickman , which stuck for years…and that one I was most comfortable with really.

    At SRO you did two stations at once. KIOK live and KALE automated ( for me it was live and automated depending on what day of the week ) , So they wanted a different name for each station, of course…Well, It started out thay way for me, ya, lasted about 3 weeks and then I was just the same name on BOTH AM and FM !!! Problem is I could not remember who I was …automating and on LIVE..lots of times you would update your weathers or even a voice track for some reason and be running up and down the hallway being live and automating…and get confused ROFL LOL…

    I just wound up using the same name on both frequencies. AND no one cared in management, as it turned out. The listeners used to ask me on remotes or at an event or what not, HOW do you do that ? Be on two stations at one time ? It was real schitzophrenic !! Most of the time I would tell them the truth of the matter. Sometimes I would spin a ‘tall tale” to someone, especially if they pissed me off, about how I had a master mic switch that if you flipped it to one side it was KALE and the other side it was KIOK and then I could talk out of ‘both sides of my mouth ‘…


    Just yesterday…something happened to me…relative to a radio name.

    I bought a bedroom set at the huge garage sale , yesterday early about 7 AM. I left a check with the misses and she told me to come back in the afternoon and that the ” MR.” would haul it all over to my house. So I come back in the afternoon and the MR and I talked for a few minutes and he digs out my check and looks at it…and then looks back at me and says ” Have you ever worked in a radio station ? ” …’ You sound like a guy I used to listen to a long time ago “…WHAT !!! ..Well yes, it turns out he remembered me from AM 960 KALE. KALE hasnt run a music format since November of 1994 !!! Well I was on oldies 95.7 for a long time, so he might have been getting it wrapped up with that station too…anyway I was real surpised at all this and thanked him for ‘ Remembering “…and that sometimes ‘ I dont even remember it any more ” …


    When I first started in radio, you used air names for two reasons: First, because back then, there was almost no such thing as an “unlisted” number, and if you used your real name, you’d almost certainly get crank calls at home.

    Secondly, it was just kind of the style for DJs to have a “friendly” first name, and a one-syllable second name, so you had “Mickey Jay”, “Bobby Gaye” (he’s still working under that name, believe it or not), and the like. A lot of times, you’d also have somebody try for an alliterative effect (“Wee Windy Winslow”, “Slammin’ Sammy Salmon” etc.)

    In my own case, I just never liked being recognized in public. I always hated it when somebody would say “You sound familiar; have you been on the radio?”


    “BARB HUGHES aka Barb Taylor on KXL-FM.”

    Am I missing something here?

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