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    In his own words:

    “There’s no saving it. Don’t give another dime to the Republican party. We tried to (change) it from the inside. They are knifing us from the inside.”

    Now all we gotta do is get Rush to do the same.


    He’s leaving because they aren’t bat shit nuts enough?

    Deane Johnson

    Beck is not exactly a bastion of common sense.


    Beck is odd.

    He is, BTW, about the only Republican to ever say, “Liberals were right about IRAQ.” There have been a few moments where he does question and arrive in places very different from the typical pundit.

    Yeah, he’s kind of bat shit. But, he’s a little bit different kind of bat shit.

    Beck is also seeking hard right now. He’s not seeing the answers in the party, and that’s been true for a while.

    Then he rattles on about how Cruz is getting “knifed?”


    …and very highly entertaining. 🙂


    Honestly, he’s got a point!

    The “change it from the inside” idea is a very potent one. And we’ve seen it done multiple times.

    The religious right is a success story by that measure. The Tea Partiers really impacted the party too. Not as successfully as the religious right is, but it’s a notable impact.

    Progressives feel that way about the Democratic party.

    Personally, the “change the party” movements are the right ones. Doing that, coupled with well planned primary challenges, good people able to win some of those, GOTV, etc… can make a big difference.

    It’s either that, or we constantly go back and forth between two parties gaming us for money interests.

    That’s the default.

    Beck appears to see it as “the establishment” pushing back, and if so, he’s right about that.

    The money really doesn’t want to pick many of the fights the Tea Party faction or bloc wants to pick. Gets expensive.

    Trading votes on social issues for dollars works for them. When it starts to get into the dollars, and or very seriously impacts the party viability, that won’t work for them.

    Many Progressives believe a path similar to how the religious right got relevant is a solid one. And it’s being done.

    There is a very significant changing of the guard coming up, and now is the time.

    When a movement like that is resonant with the people, it’s got a lot of punch. Progressives have a very good alignment with a large number of people:

    1. Lower incomes
    2. Union favorable, or members
    3. Minorities
    4. Targets of discrimination
    5. Women
    6. Small business

    And the establishment Dems have some problems with that, and those go right back to the money.

    Mostly the same kinds of problems establishment Republicans have, BTW.

    But, the Tea Party alignment isn’t as good. Not trivial, but just not as good. Seriously misaligned on social issues, and somewhat aligned on economic ones, depending.

    To me, after hearing Beck’s commentary, he doesn’t see an end game that plays to his strong Tea Party leanings, nor his visions of prosperity.

    He has a strong Liberitarian streak, and I’ll bet that is where he’s going.

    If he goes big, he could drag socially moderate, libertarian leaning people into a split, peeling off a lot of Republicans, AND a fair number of Democrats, given the social issues aren’t made issues.

    So, that’s my guess. Fracture the GOP, and then make a play, have an impact as that “conservative independent”, and there are an awful lot of those in the GOP currently. They consistently vote GOP, but do not identify consistently as Republican, and rarely vote Dem.


    I was told by the GOPers (at the time) on this board back in 2004 that ((((GB)))) was a Libertarian. I figured he’s come out of the closet someday….


    Totally. Spot on.

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