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    Does anybody know about this Channel 40 analog construction permit? I found this on Cable Television Factbook 1992 edition. If channel 40 had been on the air will it become the WB network?

    “Portland (Ch. 40) -KCVF. Grantee: Cascade Video of Oregon Ltd., Suite 605, 703 Broadway, Vancouver, WA 98660. Phone: 206-693-2886. Fax: 503-285-3736. Technical Facilities: Channel No. 40 (626-632 MHz). Authorized power: 2100-kw max. visual. Antenna:
    1739-ft. above ay. terrain, 110-ft. above ground, 2024-ft above sea level. Latitude 45°
    31′ 17″ Longitude 122′ 45′ 04”. Transmitter: 160 N.W. Miller Rd., Portland. Ownership:
    Cascade Video Inc., Gen. Partner, 20%; Cascade Video Inc., Ltd. Partner, 45%; Ralph D.
    Schlesinger, Ltd. Partner, 5%; H. A. Anderson, Ltd. Partner, 5%; Cliford B. Alterman, Ltd.
    Partner, 2.5%; W. S. Aman, Ltd. Partner, 2.5%; 15% reserved for management. CVI
    ownership: Thomas P. Moyer, Chmn.-Pres., 100%; Clifford B. Alterman, Secy. Represented
    (legal): Verner, Lipfert, Bernhard, McPherson & Hand. Represented (engineering):
    McClanathan & Associates. Personnel: Thomas P. Moyer, General Manager. Portland, OR
    ADI. BPCT-811019KG. Grant Date: October 14, 1986. Starting Date: Unreported. “


    I remember the years-long battle for channel 40. I believe there are several old Oregonian articles about the legal mess. In the end, the lack of action/final resolution caused the FCC to delete the allocation. The transition to digital certainly would change any placement anyway. Portland also had a “KPVC” allocated for channel 24 per a “Vane Jones”North American Radio/TV listing at spme point. There was also a non-comm allocation for channel 30.

    According to an FCCData.org listing for “DKCVF” the CP wss cancelled on 25 Feb , 1992.

    Thank you for asking that question…


    It seems to me that the whole thing was to go to an Indian(native American)reservation. It was a long time ago and it’s quite vague but it dragged on for years. The application is dated January 19, 1981.

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    CVI ownership: Thomas P. Moyer, Chmn.-Pres., 100%;

    Personnel: Thomas P. Moyer, General Manager. Portland, OR
    ADI. BPCT-811019KG. Grant Date: October 14, 1986. Starting Date: Unreported.

    …Which is a name you might have heard of if you remember the “Luxury Theatres” chain that was active across WA, OR and (I think) ID from the ~mid 1960s-late 1980s. His brother was Larry Moyer who owned the equally-crappy “Moyer Theatres” chain. They co-owned Moyer Theatres until they had a nasty falling out over the projectionist’s union, which Tom hated. At their highest point, there were places where the two Moyers were building competing cinemas right across the street from each other!

    After Luxury were bought out by Norman Lear’s Act III circuit in 1989 Tom had to get out of the cinema business for a number of years due to a noncompete clause, and instead switched to property management and development of downtown high-rises and suburban strip malls under the “TMT Development” (“Tom Moyer Theatres”) brand, which are still around today.


    Tom died a few years ago in Portland.

    It’s interesting that he had acquired a TV station. This was nearing the end of Luxury and the beginning of TMT (which started in 1992). As I understand, at this point in the mid 80s he was already trying to sell out the theatre chain and semi-retire, but hadn’t found a buyer yet. Maybe he was looking to get into broadcasting following the forthcoming buyout’s aftermath, but didn’t stick with it?


    The channel 40 allocation litigation was active at least up Jan 31, 2017. Apparently the paperwork fight carried on from 2004 and 2012 decisions/filings.


    Unlike the successful fight for low-band VHF TV moves into Delaware and New Jersey the channel 40 battle proved fruitless.


    As an aside, I reside about 30 miles from the WMDE TV channel 5 tower located on the DelMarVa Peninsula. Low band VHF ATSC 1.0 does not work well..despite many tries no success. The owners don’t care as they are must-carry on metro DC cable systems. The low-band transplants from NV/WY to the East Coast were brilliant in any case..certainly more. viewers than Jackson WY or Ely NV.

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