Officer Killed by "Unarmed" Man

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    An upstate New York police officer was shot and killed by a crazed man who snatched his gun from his holster during a disturbance call Monday morning, according to police.

    Johnson City Officer David Smith, 43, was shot multiple times outside an MRI office near Binghamton after a disturbed employee managed to grab his gun just after 7 a.m., said Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

    The married 18-year police veteran, who has an 11-year-old son, had just arrived at Southern Tier Imaging when MRI technician James Clark, 43, wildly ran up to him before punching him several times as he was trying to exit his vehicle, said Zikuski.

    During the attack witnesses said Clark managed to somehow grab Smith’s weapon and repeatedly open fire until the 40-caliber duty’s magazine was spent.




    Hopefully Vitalogy will get the point.


    Which is?


    The implications are clear.

    Sad as it is, the perpetrator in this case, being white needed to be treated differently than if he had been black.

    Had the perpetrator been black, and the officer, knowing he could kill with impunity, would be alive today.


    F&B, one example is an anecdote. Show me a trend, and then you might have a point worth making.


    The point is simply that someone who is unarmed and who confronts a cop can quickly become armed.


    What’s the point?

    That cops should just shoot anyone they please?

    And as for the crazed man, you can thank St Ronnie for him being crazy and on the streets.


    Why don’t you discuss this fairly? You know that cops are not just shooting people at random. I made a valid point. If someone assaults an officer, who has a gun that can be used against him and others, what is he supposed to do?


    Actaully, I’m more concerned about a cop being negligent enough to allow his weapon to be commondeered.

    Andy Brown

    “The point is simply that someone who is unarmed and who confronts a cop can quickly become armed.”

    That is not a conclusive point, it is a supposition, i.e. a starting point for a discussion.

    “Why don’t you discuss this fairly?”

    It reads like a fair discussion. What is your issue with those that just don’t buy into your supposition? It is no more valid than saying a poor man can become quite wealthy if he spends two dollars on a Powerball ticket and wins. Sure, it’s possible that someone who is unarmed can confront a police officer and steal his weapon, but it is rare (just like the number of winning tickets in Powerball when compared to the total sold).

    Poor F&B. He is so persecuted by the intelligent ones.


    I think stealing a police officer’s gun is “rare” because they do what they need to do to prevent it. The danger is always there, however. That’s one reason they’re so touchy about being punched or grappled by someone (of any race).


    Here’s the tragedy acknowledged not by the PC crowd, but by an African American in this administration’s cabinet and a big city mayor:

    “A 2012 study by the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention revealed that in 2010 black youths committed six times more murders, three times more rapes, 10 times more robberies and three times more assaults than did their white counterparts.

    Similar statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the “Uniform Crime Reports.” They determined, “In the year 2008, black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery.” By contrast, the only categories where white youths surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence.

    Even black civil rights advocates such as Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s former green jobs czar, confirmed these findings. In his October 5, 2005 article, “Are Blacks a Criminal Race?” Jones wrote, “African American youth represent 32% of all weapons arrests [and] were arrested for aggravated assault at a rate nearly three times that of whites.

    To better comprehend this trend, on January 10 AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke with veteran journalist and author Alan Caruba. When questioned about the proliferation of black crime, Caruba explained, “The black community is afflicted with all kinds of problems based on a long history of failing to integrate fully into the overall community.”

    Pointing to current events, Caruba explained: “The knockout game is a good example of what’s wrong today. It goes straight to the heart of how [blacks] are raised. It’s a disturbing trend that all of us need to pay more attention to.”

    The so-called “knockout game” was made popular largely by gangs of teenage blacks who select a random person and try to knock them unconscious with one punch to the head or face.

    Although few publications other than AFP have the courage to buck political correctness and address the actualities of this social cancer in a forthright manner, in a 2011 speech Philadelphia’s black Mayor Michael Nutter offered the following admonishment to black youths:

    “You have damaged your own race,” he said. “Take those damned hoodies down. Pull your pants up and buy a belt because no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

    Summarizing this entire matter was former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy who, on September 30, 2005 declared:

    “Some identifiable groups . . . commit crime at a rate that is higher than the national rate. Blacks are such a group. That is simply a fact.”

    And before you leftists get your panties in a twist for stating the facts, I did not vote for George W. Bush in the primary. I voted for Alan Keyes.


    He should have had his holster safety strap engaged.

    Bet you a cookie it was not.

    Or, he was handling the weapon and the other person exceeded his overall training, judgement and physical capacity. This isn’t a fault, and could sometimes happen for great opponents, or who are on performance enhancing drugs for example.

    Then again, he could suck hard as a cop, and it is still not a fault as much as it is elevated risk playing out in bad ways.

    Investments in police training, physical capacity, selection of officers, etc… could minimize the risks, but we would have to actually make the investments and pay great people what they are worth too.

    The big story not being told is we have media presenting politics, current events in war like, always conflicted, divisive, hostile terms, right along with various political advocacy organizations doing the same damn thing, coupled with racial, class, economic, and other tensions, generally resulting in more and more violent and higher risk interactions.

    Secondly, police have been dumbed down, long established deescalation type doctrines, which require officers to be of high personal caliber to be effective, not thugs, phased out and use of force to compliance type doctrines, much better aligned with thugs and lower caliber people, phased in.

    Finally, rather than recognize the changing risk landscape and the contributing factors to it, we are helping war profiteers, who made a killing arming us up for Iraq and other conflicts, continue to profit nicely by militarizing our domestic police forces.

    All while we’ve got a fuck load of dumbshit, clown ass, morons clamoring for more guns!

    Yeah, no surprises in any of that is there? Really?

    If you want to paint some trends, start by taking a hard fucking look at the last 25 years in policing, who has moved into chief and mayor positions, what policy decisions they made, how they were funded, and what impact that had on their relations, use of force, etc…

    Nobody is doing that are they?

    Until they do, this is all just a clown show for chumps looking to feel like they know something.


    Herb, are you saying that skin color and crimes go hand in hand?

    Kinda sounds like it. Racist jerk.

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