Objective Morality?

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    Let’s hear it. Have we established this as a true thing, not just a concept or reasoning tool?

    Does objective morality exist?


    Apparently not.

    Let’s remove this from the list of arguments used to support various things then. F&B used it to support his view on abortion, and that’s why I questioned it here.

    I’m not going to debate positions on that, and I don’t think anyone else should either. Sharing something that resonates with us personally is a good thing. Let people arrive at their own realizations. Better for everybody all around.

    However, questioning a basis, such as the claim that objective morality exists, and that it’s somehow important, or good, or effective support for some politics, belief, or policy is a great exercise! Given we have a burden to support what we say, having that support be meaningful makes a lot of sense.

    I do not see the idea of objective morality being meaningful in any fashion, meaning it’s useless in the role of support and adding value to a discussion.

    …unless anyone here wants to actually step up and improve on any of that, or maybe just cite an example of objective morality for some discussion.

    I’m going to start to make a list of these. Call it the bull shit list, and this one is the first item on that list. When we see some BS, we can call it out quick and easy, moving on to more valuable discussion.

    It’s like the dodge list, which might have to be remade… depends on Dan and the archives. Maybe I’ll go attempt to fetch that right now for safe keeping.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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