Obamacare signup video … good or bad?

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    Right wing going bananas over this video


    Andy Brown

    The right wing truly fears Obama. They know they will not only get nothing done through Congress while he is still president, but also that their chances of winning the White House are pretty poor.

    Fact: Obama’s job approval is back to 50%.
    Fact: Congress’s job approval remains hovering in the mid teens.
    All the polls in the Real Clear Composite show Clinton significantly ahead of all the potential match ups depending on who emerges as the stupid party candidate.


    They can’t shut down the government or they will take the blame.
    They can’t even control the far right wing of their own party.
    The 2016 Senate majority is definitely in play as the GOP has many seats to defend with 5 seats on very shaky ground.


    Now Jerry F&B The Wrath of Con Libby will probably jump all over the Daily Kos article with his poorly thought out response, but there just is no comeback for the approval ratings and presidential polls. Nope.

    After two years of getting nothing done, the swing voters in America are going to send Mitch McConjob back to the minority and President Clinton will take office with a battered, bruised and forever dysfunctional Republican Party. Wait, you’ll see. This recent mid term and minor victory by the stupid party will be a distant memory, and the righties on this board will slither back into their holes of silence. Until then, we have to continue to listen to them spew forth their garbage about how it was and how it is. Why then is the GOP’s cornerstone strategy to undo Obamacare so unpopular?


    Spin on Jerry. Spin on Herb. Two peas in the ignorant pod.


    The other thing Obama is doing is connecting with younger people and building an organization and culture around that.

    We will see this pay off very nicely over the next 20 years.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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