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    A few days ago, I heard an announcement
    on KBNP 1410 that they would be signing
    off the air for some tower work needed
    to comply with FAA and FCC regulations.
    I did not catch the expected date of
    the tower work. Today, I am noticing
    that KBNP is on the air but KXPD (which
    shares the tower) is off the air. Does
    anybody know what happened? I am taking
    this opportunity to DX KDUN 1030.

    Andy Brown

    When I bicycled past the tower today, I saw no evidence of anything out of the ordinary. I’ll check again tomorrow if my ride is not rained out.


    I believe this is the old KWJJ 1040 tower, which is either quite a coincidence or very well planned out!


    KXPD returned to the air sometime Thursday night, so the tower work must be complete.

    Craig once posted a history of the tower here. It did start out as the KWJJ tower. Later, it was used by KLIQ and various other stations that broadcast on 1290 kHz. In the early 1990s, the tower became the site of a diplexed operation for 1040 and 1410.

    Andy Brown

    Bicycled past the tower today, and there is not a shred of evidence of anything different outside. It must have been a combiner or transmission line to the tower base problem.

    The unused vertical yogi at the top is still there (from the days when KBNP was on SE Milwaukie Ave).


    When 1040 was K-LOVE, I think that they might have been receiving the programming via an over-the-air pickup of 107.1. I say this because one day, I heard a distorted mix of K-Love and 107.5 The Beat playing on 1040, as if somebody had inadvertently bumped the FM tuner to 107.3. Does the Yagi look as if it is cut for the FM broadcast band?

    Since the announcement that played on KBNP mentioned the FAA, I suspected that either the tower was being painted or the beacons were being serviced.

    Andy Brown

    Tower was not being painted. There was nobody on the tower yesterday in the afternoon, and that tower does not need to be painted orange and white.

    The yogi is not that. It apparently was a link at 450 MHz for a Remote Pick Up. It is (and always has been) pointed directly at SE Milwaukie Ave where the original KBNP 1410 studios were.

    See 74.462


    I’d have to triple check, but when I’ve looked before there isn’t even a transmission line going up to that antenna anymore. They just left it there.

    You can see the yogi in this pic (from FYBush), the link even says “KBNP.” Click on pic for bigger version, then use browser to enlarge even further).

    Article: http://www.fybush.com/sites/2007/site-070316.html

    I remember hearing way back that they were using the RPU for an STL temporarily. Not authorized, but often done. The studios moved to SW Arthur after a short stint on SE Milwaukie.

    Edit add: The license changed hands no less than 4 or 5 times between the sale from Wally Rossman to Duffy and the present. Trying to keep track of it is mind boggling. Look at all the 314’s and 315’s here:


    It starts on the history cards here:


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