NY Times: Two women accuse Trump of inappropriate touching

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    Two women told The New York Times in a report published Wednesday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump touched them inappropriately.

    The Times reported that Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks each had encounters with Trump in which he groped or kissed them without their consent. One of the alleged incidents occurred in 2005, the other more than 30 years ago
    The women chose to tell their stories after Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during the second presidential debate “no, I have not,” when asked repeatedly did he ever “kiss women without consent or grope women without consent.”


    The count is up to 3. Wanna bet that count goes up?

    Maybe Trump can go up against Bill Cosby on who has groped more women.



    A People magazine writer is now coming forward with a claim from 2005 that Trump pushed her against a wall and “stuck his tongue down her throat”.

    Stay tuned.


    Anyone want to make a bet that at least 20+ women come forward? It could even exceed 40. Just wait.


    Wow and it comes from CNN. The Clinton News Network.(shocker) A station that has lost all credibility and is a completely irrelevant network. And the New York times is becoming just as irrelevant.

    Biased untrue journalism coming from CNN and the failing NY times, no way!


    Oh, I’m kind of missing this.

    Look dork. And I mean that in every sense too. Poetic.

    Trump is a carnival barker at best. Were the GOP not so completely bat shit, he would be laughed off the stage as the seriously crappy person he is. Amazingly, he beat out what? 17 other shitty Republicans!

    The dude is alpha as fuck, serving it up to the chumps unabashedly, not a care in the world. Envious slobs everywhere get a chubby just thinking about how great the world would be for them, if only they were Donald “grab ’em in the pussy” Trump!

    (Jesus, the mileage potential on this is off the charts good!)

    Really, the worry here is how the hell did we manage to end up with something north of 30 percent of us believing this is somehow OK! So much for 23 percent. That’s out the window now, morans, pervs, asses, clowns, and douches UNITE!

    Enjoy your moment in the limelight! It’s not gonna last, and when it all comes crashing down, and it will trust me, the result will be ugly. All that free media?

    Where you see a demi-god, the rest of the world is torn between laughing their asses off and genuine tears of grief over this indignant spectacle! This election is historic! Bet your ass it is.

    And here is the sad thing!

    I believe Trump is honest about his murky desire to improve things, be loved, that ruler who is followed by all the best people. Sure, his planet sized ego eats that shit right up. He’s thinking, “Why the fuck not?”

    And He’s real too. Real as they come too. Give the man credit for that. I do.

    Not sure he even feels shame. Might be a victim of natural selection, where it’s bred right out of him. Poor bastard probably never will know what most reasonable people are likely to forget about being a good human.

    I’ll bet there is 3AM wood on the rise all across the nation in response to Trump smearing the screen of his tablet, stretching his mind to fit 140 characters in the middle of the night, because… excuse me, while I wipe it off the screen.

    Have fun with that. It’s embarrassing, and at some point, should you get there, it’s gonna feel very ugly. You might just as well go big, so maybe you too can feel it, before Trump gets snuffed out, left to pitching “premium shit” to chumps on late night TV.

    Trump 2016: Because somebody has to be the very worst!



    Utterly unproven or completely debunked accusations about Bill Clinton, whom is not running for president, and it’s believed without question by the Dorks of the world whom somehow think everyone should blame Hillary.

    Accusations that are seemingly credible, and entirely in chsracter with the words and actions of Donald Trunp who is running for president, and here we see lockstep denial of almost pathological proportions from the same dorks.



    Either sexual indiscretions (proven or alleged) of the past are relevant to this campaign, or they aren’t.

    Make up your mind, Trumpers.

    (BTW, Trump’s sexual escapades are not the reason I’m voting against him. There are so, so many more reasons to not vote for him, I really don’t need any more)

    Andy Brown

    Trump wants the trial delayed until after his inauguration so he will have max immunity which he does not have as pres elect.

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