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    A friend just got back from Portland and he has a small TV set in his van, and antenna. He said he was able to scan in 36 or 38 OTA channels now. Is that correct? I have no idea where he was at the time, but with many translators off (Watch TV, etc), I guess the number has dropped.


    Quick scan this morning got 40 from Hillsboro, did not pick up ch 26 which is normally very weak. I will try another scan later with a decent antenna.
    2.1 to 2.3
    6.1 to 6.3
    8.1 to 8.3
    10.1 to 10.3
    22.1 to 22.7
    24.1 to 24.5
    32.1 to 32.3
    36.1 to 36.3 ?? (got some strange numbers)
    47.1 to 47.3
    49.1 to 49.2


    Thanks for the list. You left off 12.1-12.3, so you must have 43. There are more lp translators than I thought.Much appreciated.

    Participant suggests I should be able to get 48 channels across 23 OTA stations… Maybe I should get an antenna up on the roof! 🙂


    “Thanks for the list. You left off 12.1-12.3, so you must have 43″

    Slaps forehead! yes, I did a quick scan from the end of my driveway with a tiny RCA portable using its 10” whip antenna… it missed ch 12, and I didn’t notice.

    Additional channels that I did not catch on the portable would include 26 from mt scott, 5 which repeats 32, 48 which repeats 10 and 18 which repeats 49.

    The “WatchTV” stations, KORK, KOXO, KOXI and KORS do not appear to be on the air… haven’t seen any of them for years.


    Antenna Web is not accurate here on the coast. we have more channels than listed.The FCC site is more accurate, yet several are on CPs.
    2.1, 2.2, 2.3
    6.1, 6.2, 6.3
    8.1, 8.2, 8.3
    10.1, 10.2, 10.3
    12.1, 12.2 12.3


    Just did another end of driveway scan. This time I *did* pick up 12.1 to 12.3 and resolved the strange ch 36 numbers… we have 36.1 to 36.4 but it turns out that nothing is being transmitted right now on 36.3 (Hope).
    TV set sez 44 channels.
    Still nor getting ch 26 from Mt Scott, the ch 5 repeater for 32, the ch 48 repeater for ch 10, and the ch 18 repeater for 49. Need more metal in the air to grab those.



    I don’t get channel 5 because my antenna doesn’t pick up low VHF.


    Add one more… tv set now sez 45 channels… added “new” channel is 16.1 KORS-CD! Just test pattern color bars right now, but identifies as “YouToo”. So perhaps the “WatchTV” stations are starting to take to the air again?

    Digital reference carrier for ch 16 is easily heard at 482.312 mHz on Icom 8500 in cw mode.


    The info I got several months ago that Watch TV were indeed planing to get 28.1 on the air out here (Astoria). With 15 OTA channels on out here, there probably will be more interest in getting more channels on out here, especially under ch 30.


    At my parents house in SE Portland, this is what I rec’d OTA.

    2.1 KATU ABC
    2.2 METV
    2.3 COMET
    6.1 KOIN CBS
    6.2 GETTV
    6.3 DECADES
    8.1 KGW NBC
    8.2 JUSTICE TV
    10.1 OPB PBS
    10.2 OPB PLUS
    10.3 OPB-FM
    10.1 T48 OPB PBS
    10.2 T48 OPB PLUS
    10.3 T48 OPB FM
    12.1 KPTV FOX
    12.2 COZI-TV
    12.3 LAFF-TV
    17.1 KWVT-LD YouToo
    22.1 KPXG ION
    22.2 QUBO
    22.3 IONLife
    22.4 ShopTV
    22.5 QVC
    22.6 HSN
    22.7 TELEMUNDO
    24.1 KNMT TBN
    24.2 Hillsong Channel
    24.3 JUCE TV/Smile of a Child TV
    24.4 Enlace USA
    24.5 TBN Salsa
    26.1 KJWY-LP God TV
    27.1 KSLM-LD Retro TV
    32.1 KRCW Portland’s CW
    32.2 Antenna TV
    32.3 This TV
    36.1 KEVE-LD 3ABN
    36.2 Better Hope TV
    36.4 Vida Mejor TV
    37.1 KPWC-LD Azteca Oregon
    42.1 KPXG-LD ION
    42.2 Qubo
    42.3 ION-Life
    46.1 KGWZ-LD Daystar
    47.1 KUNP-LD Univison
    47.2 MundoMax
    47.3 Grit
    49.1 KPDX MNT
    49.2 Escape


    I’m not picking up 16.1. Ch 42.1 is Daystar not a dupe of KPXG anymore and has no subs.


    Noticed a few days ago that the Watch TV KORS-CD test pattern on ch 16.1 is gone… the station is off the air again. Checked today for digital subcarriers for ch 16, 20, 35 and 38 and found no trace of any of the Watch TV channels.


    Thanks for the update. According to a spokes person I talked to a while back at watch TV, they are supposed to get 28 on the air out here (Astoria). Time will tell.


    This morning, I stored the digital reference frequency of all 4 of the WatchTV channels as presets on my Icom 8500 receiver, so that I can do a very quick check for all of them, should any reappear.

    I’m watching for WatchTV! 🙂

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