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    Target TV Commercial, ‘Next Level, TargetStyle’ Song by Nu Shooz

    Just in time of the hoilday shopping season.


    I recently visited the Target Website, and I see a photo of a young woman wearing black industrial style shoes, jeans with a hole in one of the knees, and a plaid flannel shirt. I feel as if I have been magically whisked away to 1993!

    The first time that I heard the song “I Can’t Wait,” in early 1986, I assumed that the people in the band that performed that song must be Black. The reason why I made that assumption was that I first heard the song on the long-defunct WVKO 1580 (Columbus, OH). WVKO played an Urban Contemporary format then, and they put “I Can’t Wait” into rotation a few months before CHR stations started playing it.

    I watched the music video to that song for the first time in June of that year. I couldn’t understand why a White woman was singing the song in the video. It wasn’t until I came to Portland in the late 1990s, and I saw former members of Nu Shooz performing in other musical projects, that I was able to accept that it was possible that an Urban Contemporary radio station could have played White artists.


    One hit wonder. Not a bad song overall, but if this is all that PDX can offer from that era, I am sad. But…

    Quarterflash…same thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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