Not a hoax afterall

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    Jeffrey Kopp

    Nixon flirted with the idea of putting drug enforcement money into treatment instead, but chickened out and pursued a war on drugs.


    Good post, Andrew. Atleast Nixon was intelligent and had a world view. Trump supporters today have no clue about Nixon. They are almost in some sort of trance with the Donald and sheepishly continue to support someone who is not qualified to be President, based on the past three and a half years of ineptitude. Too bad he may still win.

    Andy Brown

    If he wins, democracy dies.

    He often accuses others of the exact misdeeds he is doing. He recently said when asked about the election that he would only accept its legitimacy if he won.

    If democracy is to survive he must lose. No matter what he does to suppress the vote, at the ballot box or the post box, the amount of anti incumbent energy this close to an election is greater than I have ever seen in my life.



    Point well put. Sorry to have derailed the conversation.


    I said “other than Watergate and Vietnam”! Nixon’s misconduct was more on the order of LBJ. Trump was raised to be evil!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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