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    (Sorry for creating a new thread but the PDXRADIO posting software has been rejecting my posts when I append to others)

    I use the web-enable KIWISDR receivers across the world to check on regional band conditions on HF and monitor the local AM radio dial.

    I stumbled across a second Oregon-based remote receiver that was recently added to the SDR.HU website.

    It is at Crooked River Ranch near Bend:

    There is also an web-enabled KiwiSDR box in Newport that has fantastic coverage:

    I used this latter to monitopr the last days of KUIK. I also use a receiver near Missoula to verify AM 1130 Silverton’s daytime coverage… amazing.

    Happy bandscanning..


    Mt. Angel


    I am surprised that KUIK could be heard in the Bend area, as that is not in the main lobe of their nighttime pattern. Last year, I tried to listen from the coast, but I heard KKMO, instead.


    Bad grammar on my part. I was using the Newport SDR for the KUIK captures. Since KUIK’s demise it is a Puget Sound station that generally lands there.

    Nonetheless, these type of web-enabled SDRs are a wonderful tool.


    New Northwest-based KiwiSDR remote receivers have been spotted on SDR.HU ..
    (1) K7GFH in Boring, Oregon
    (2) W7PUA in Adair Village, Oregon

    Many thanks to both these hams for allowing us remote listeners to use their radios.

    KK6PR in Crooked River Ranch and the Newport-based SMETER.NET sites are two other known Beaver-state KiwiSDRs…

    Hopefully K7GFH can isolate some of that RFI at his site. The medium wave noise is a little high…


    Two new Oregon-based KiwiSDR boxes have been noted on the SDR.HU website. Kudos to these hams for allowing us some remote DXing to verify the health of regional AM radio.

    K7GFH Boring Oregon
    W7PUA Adair Village

    The W7PUA site should be very handy for tracking the KWBY proposed power upgrade

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    These SDRs are a lot of fun. KEX and KPAM in Montana and Alberta during the day. Also, KXTG and KPOJ in Victoria during the day. KXTG in Alberta at night. Of course most change day to day. CFSL in Weyburn, SK raises havoc with KEX just about anywhere at night.


    Also, I have heard KUIK in Sunriver over the air at night, but pretty much overrun by KKMO. The Crooked River SDR is a big disappointment.
    The SDR in Weiser, ID is pretty good. I have heard KEX and KPAM on it during the day, but also 1190 out of the Bay area as well.


    Now we can get a clean, local bandscan of the metro Portland AM radio dial. Many thanks to W6SB for sharing his KiwiSDR receiver. It’s not reachable 24×7 but when active can be found via the KiwiSDR map at

    The receiver is in Battle Ground and shows a nice view of the 1040 kHz renewed HD sidebands. KBPS blasts in too.

    BTW, each WebSDR/KiwiSDR receiver website includes some text fields to descrobe the site’s antenna. For example, the Newport SDR at has a “Antenna: Clifton Laboratories 1-meter whip active antenna” and a “GPS with 30 fixes/minute”.


    ot reachable 24×7 but when active can be found via the KiwiSDR map

    Would be nice if he used a DNS service, though.

    No receivers in LA or New York City/Long Island! Probably the last places on earth I’d have expected to see that!


    You of course mean that nice view of the 1040 kHz horseshit IBLOCk sidebands
    HEY cheesydick how’s that “pirate” radio hunt goin’


    A check of the receiver map today showed a pleasant surprise – a new WebSDR-enabled radio has appeared in the West Linn area.

    We thank ZL/KF6VO for the contribution of hardware and bandwidth. The direct address is:

    The site has some local noise but still provides another reference point for the Portland medium-wave dial.

    Participant is for the Short Wave bands, if you need a “reference point for the Portland medium-wave” try using a simple AM radio to get your localism fix.

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