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    The INStreamer device will announce it’s IP address on a headphone jack, on every boot, no matter if a settings change or a power cycle.

    I don’t however remember that it puts the IP address into the streamed content, that would be strange. The Instreamer has an audio jack that you listen to to hear this info when setting the thing up. It says the info during the device boot, which should not be going out into the stream as it’s booting and not yet connected and streaming.

    Perhaps this IP address is coming from an EXStreamer? Is the analog output from an EXStreamer going into a broadcast board? Looking at a catalog, it’s just like the INStreamer … there is a RCA output for program that’s clean and another that’s for local headphones. Did someone take the headphone jack out as program instead of RCA? In any case, it’s lame the IP address is going over program but that should only happen on intentional reboot, if happening regularly I’d still blame the USB connector.



    “Did someone take the headphone jack out as program instead of RCA?”
    In the translator case nothing would surprise me.


    On Exstreamers, the sonic IP feature plays out of the main audio outputs as well as the headphones. So it’s likely that they wired it correctly, but that they did not turn off the sonic IP feature. I’ve always made it mandatory to turn off sonic IP after setup is complete, otherwise embarrassing stuff like this happens. It is also obviously a major security problem if your Exstreamer is announcing it’s public IP address to the world.

    Andy Brown

    Actually what it announces is the LAN IP assigned to it by the gateway router, not the WAN IP of the router/your account. It’s not really a huge security risk if your LAN/WiFi is secured. This provides the installer a means to set it up without having to access the gateway router itself.


    Unless it is connected directly to the public internet without a router, as someone indicated was happening on a translator in Boise.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)
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